Salmon with spinach
Updated: 2018-01-25
  • Salmon with spinach

Healthy meal for people who like fish.
I suggest to cook fish for the weekend dinner.

Dredge salmon fillet with spice, salt, squeeze a lemon, grease with olive oil and leave for a while for sousing.

Wash and cut the spinach.
Place the spinach on the fillet.
Double the fillet, i.e. put the small fillet place on the fleshier one.
Roll in the foil.
Wash the potatoes with the jacket using a brush. Boil for about 15 min.
Then dredge with spice, caraway, garlic salt, pour the oil and mix everything carefully.
Place the potatoes near the salmon in the baking tray and bake for 30 min.
Cut the carrots, a stem of celery, onions and roast a little bit. Dredge with spice, salt. Pour the white wine, lemon juice and stew everything.
Stew only for a short time in order the vegetables would be crispy.

Recipe of Galina Jagello

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