What to do in Veneto
Updated: 2020-03-09
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Burano is an island in the Venice Lagoon and is connected by navigable canals, on the island you can admire the beautiful colored houses that were used to outline the properties and today they are one of the main features of the place, the houses extend along the shores after the "Tre Ponti", a wooden bridge that connects the three shores, in addition to the colored houses the other monuments such as the "crooked bell tower" are not to be overlooked, a particular element of this place are the buranello laces made by the elderly and It is possible to visit and admire the ancient local tradition in the Lace Museum, located in the famous Piazza Baldassare Guadaluppi.

colored_hauses_in_Burano buranello_lace_in_Burano


Cittadella is a city in the Veneto region, there are many things you can do including the walkway, it is a walk that is 15 m high, it starts from the Casa del Capitano, in the Torre di Bassano, from which begins the journey in the middle of the path there is the Tower of Malta with the super panoramic terrace (it is the highest point, 30 meters) famous for being the prison and that Dante places in Hell, after which one could navigate with an abarchetta in the navigable moat that surrounds the city, besides the walk one could also make a tour in the historical center where it will be possible to admire the four gates, the Duomo and the interior of the social theater.

cittadella cittadella

Bassano del Grappa

There are many things who can be admired at the foot of Monte Grappa, including the old bridge or of the Alpini located at the point where the Brenta river narrows more, The name of the Alpini bridge derives from the numerous Alpine war songs that it they inspired and also from the small museum of the Alpine troops located at the end of the bridge. On this point there is a beautiful vision. To enter the museum of the Alps you have to enter the characteristic tavern at the head of the bridge and go down the stairs on the left, in two rooms they are preserved memorabilia and stories related to the history of the bridge and the tragic wars fought in the area.

Bassano_del_Grappa Bassano_del_Grappa

The Venetian Villas

The villas are one of the places to visit, the architecture of the residences of Venetian nobles on the mainland have unique characteristics, today the most beautiful Venetian Villas can be admired around Vicenza and along the Riviera del Brenta, which connects Padua to Venice and it can also be followed by a suggestive boat trip. Don't miss Villa Pisani with its labyrinth and Villa La Rotonda, probably the most famous among the Palladian villas, a UNESCO heritage site.



Aslo is a city located in the Veneto region, this village rises on a hill surrounded by the plains and vineyards and green fields, in fact the city has been called the city of a thousand horizons, in this magnificent place you can visit the cathedral of Aslo the ancient heart of the city, near we find the loggia of the Captain decorated with sixteenth-century frescoes, inside we find archaeological finds and paintings but a part of the museum is dedicated to famous people of the city.



Bardolino is a concentrated city of religious architecture, there are many places to visit in Bardolino, it is a city that finds us on the shores of the largest lake in Italy, rich in natural beauty, one of the places you can visit is the lakeside of Bardolino a very beautiful place to be able to admire the tramondo, it is also worth visiting the church of San Severo located at the entrance of the town and inside are the frescoes of the 12th and 12th century, also the historic center of Bardolini is very beautiful and full of parishes.


Venice is known throughout the world for its cultural heritage, among the places to visit we have the square of San Marco with the splendid basilica inspired by the Byzantine architecture, the bell tower, the arcades and the halls of the Ducal Palace, the animated historical cafes by the musicians and the beautiful clock tower, the ducare palace is very dear to the Venetians since it is the guardian of their historic style of the Ducal Palace, it has undergone many variations, due to a series of terrible fires. after what you could do a walk on the Rialto bridge to admire the Grand Canal and the buildings overlooking the Grand Canal are all facing the waterway and with the reflections in the water will create a magnificent spectacle, Venice is a place full of bridges including the Rialto bridge, all these bridges are indispensable for Venice to connect the various psti and to make traveling easier, Rialto Bridge is crowded with tourists and vendors, one of the most famous photographic points of the world.



Verona is known for being the capital of troubled love having hosted the story of the two most famous lovers in the world, Romeo and Juliet the places to visit are so many Piazza Bra which has the Arena di Verona in the center and symbol of the city only for its history and its beauty but for the shows and events that then hosts the Piazza di Erbe considered as one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, the center of the square is dominated by the fountain of the Madonna di Verona, a few meters from the piazza there is the famous Juliet's house Before entering the courtyard you will notice the walls covered with tickets and love letters, above it the famous balcony below, according to legend, Romeo would have declared his love to Juliet. One other monument not to be missed is the Cathedral of Verona Built above the ruins of two early Christian churches dedicated to Santa Maria Matricolare, the structure is in Romanesque style and the famous Altarpiece of Tiziano is preserved inside. You can access the baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonte, entirely carved in marble.


Lake of Santa Croce

The lake of Santa Croce is the second largest lake in the Veneto region and is born from a landslide and is one of the most windy places. In the naturalistic area it is in fact possible to practice sailing and windsurfing but also fishing. This is the ideal habitat for the wintering of many species of birds, the oasis is easily reached along a flat path, it is possible to walk comfortably also practicing birdwatching. During the whole year, but especially in the summer, can be admired from the beach along the shores of the lake large and colorful sails furrow the blue watershe three most popular restaurants in Veneto


Restaurant Alle Corone 

At the Restaurant "Alle Corone" it will be possible to taste the precious recipes and taste the best dishes made with selected raw materials in the territory, the restaurant offers traditional Venetian food dishes that can be accompanied by local and international wines.


Restaurant at the Oaks

The Alle Querce restaurant, located in the province of Padua, offers typical Venetian cuisine. Of particular interest are the pappardelle with sauce and pulp d'Anitra, the bigoli al torchio with meat sauce (Manzo-Suino), the seasonal stuffed tortelloni, the lamb chops with herbs, the cut of angus, the Fiorentina with bone grilled, the cost of horse. With a large park and arcade, the Alle Querce restaurant specializes in grilled meat.


Osteria Anice Stellato

The Anice Stellato tavern offers Venetian cuisine, traditional appetizers, ranging from sardines in saor to baked sardines with lemon and ginger, are extremely tasty. Among the first courses we note the handmade pasta seasoned with cuttlefish and cannellini beans, or with shellfish and bescamella sauce. Fish risotto is also excellent. In winter you should definitely try pasta and beans with shellfish. The second courses are modulated according to the season. The environment is rustic and the restaurant retains the typical character of Venetian inns. The Anice Stellato tavern is located in Sestiere Cannaregio in Venice.


The five tipical food in Veneto 

Cod Vicentina

Baccalà alla Vicentina is a recipe that, as the name suggests, represents the symbol of Vicenza's gastronomy, called baccala but in reality it is meluzzo preserved by salting and we will talk more precisely of stockfish.


Bigoli di Bassano

Bigoli are a long, rough dough, a characteristic that better allows the sauce to be retained. Their name derives from the "bigolaro" press used to manufacture them. They are very similar to spaghetti but larger. Those of Bassano del Grappa, in particular, have a darker color due to the use of buckwheat flour.



Pancakes are a sweet dish. if we talk about fritters we talk about Carnival in Venice, in fact to eat the best Carnival fritters you absolutely have to come to the city of the Doges, a pasticeria that creates real works of art, this roundish, stuffed or not, fried dolcetto.


The sardines in saor 

The sardines in saor date back to the 1300s, when, to preserve the fish, this "sweet-and-sour sauce for fish" was conceived and then placed in a terrine and another layer of fish was placed between one layer and another. onions cooked in a pan over very low heat with the addition of wine vinegar and sometimes white wine, raisins and pine nuts.The sardines in saor are the typical dish of a festival very felt by the inhabitants of the Venetian lagoon: the Feast of the Redeemer.



The "pinsa" is a sweet, the Venetian pinza does not have a single recipe, it is a peasant cake that was used to prepare with stale bread, adding ingredients at will and according to the availability of the moment and the season. You can add dried fruit (pine nuts, walnuts), euvetta, etc. Today it is a typical dessert of January, when the leftovers of Christmas dinners begin to accumulate.





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