Trip to Prague
Updated: 2022-07-17

Prague is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe, where every building in the historical center of the city keeps the memory of the events of centuries ago and is a unique work of art. This city falls in love with itself from the first meeting. Most tourists, having got to the capital of the Czech Republic for the first time, become fans of this fabulous city.

Millions of tourists come to Prague every year to walk through its parks and bridges, visit museums, look at the city from the height of towers and observation decks, explore famous sights, drink a mug of Czech beer and plunge into the unique atmosphere of Prague Castle.

Trip to Prague

Here is a map where you can visit different places and sights of Prague:

What to do in Prague ?

The sights of Prague are incalculable. Probably, a couple of months will not be enough to visit all the important places, museums, theaters. Here are some places that are worth visiting.

Visit the Old Town — this is the heart of Prague and the whole Czech Republic. The oldest part of the Czech capital is famous for its charming streets, houses with tiled roofs, and ancient temples. It is best to start your acquaintance with the old city of Prague from the Republic Square and the Powder Gate. Republic Square is located in the eastern part of the Old Place and is famous for the most beautiful architectural monument of the XV century — the Powder Gate, a monumental tower in the Gothic style. The Powder Tower was built as one of the entrances to the Old City from the east side at the time when the royal residence was located here. Some time after the construction began, the King considered the Prague Castle to be a safer structure. The powder tower remained unfinished and subsequently began to serve as a powder magazine, hence its name. From here, you can walk along Tseletna Street to the main historical territory — the Old Town Square. A medieval market once stood on the site of the Old Town Square, and it received its current name a little more than a century ago. In the XIV century, the town hall was erected here, and then the famous Prague Chimes (Orloy) were installed — the symbol of Prague, immortalized on numerous souvenirs. The Prague Chimes are one of the oldest tower clocks in the world and the only ones that have remained in working order. Next to the Old Town Square, the Tyn Temple was built, which became the main church of the city. Its austere pointed spires are visible from many points of the city. There is also a monument to Jan Huss, and a few meters away from him, the Prague midday meridian is marked on the cobblestones, where the shadow of the Mariana Column used to fall at noon.

If you go west from the Old Town Square towards the Vltava, you can get to the most famous bridge in the Czech Republic — the Charles Bridge. You can enter the Charles Bridge from the Old Town side through the Old Town Tower. The bridge is famous for its magnificent sculptures installed during the heyday of the Baroque, its bridge span is supported by 16 powerful arches. Today, copies of sculptures can be seen here, and the originals are on display at the National Museum.

Panoramic view of Рrague

Must visit places in Prague

What is really worth seeing while you are in Prague is an antique clock. The astronomical clock in Prague is one of the symbols of the Czech capital. The tower clock of the medieval period is located in the city center, on the Old Town Square. They are considered one of the oldest clocks. 

The apostles walk in a circle, appearing and disappearing in special windows. Each of them is holding an object in his hands. The skeleton turns over the hourglass and rings the funeral bell, announcing that life is shortening with every hour. The miser clutches his money bag tightly, the vain man looks at himself in the mirror, the astrologer studies the universe, and the chronicler compiles a description of historical events. In the improvised sky, the arrows of a unique mechanism indicate the location of celestial bodies during this period of the day. The sun and the moon move in a zodiac circle. When the clock starts to strike, the golden cockerel sings his song, completing the performance.

The next thing to visit in Prague is Wenceslas Square. It is located in the very center of Prague and is connected to many other attractions. The place is named after St. Wenceslaus, the patron saint of the Czech Republic. The buildings on the square are built in such a way that they form numerous passageways connecting Wenceslas Square with many busy streets of the city. The main attraction of the square is the equestrian sculpture of St. Wenceslaus.

The best places to visit in Prague

After Wenceslas Square you must visit one of the oldest districts of the city, the heart of medieval Prague - Old Town Square. No wonder there are always a lot of tourists here. Krzyzownica Square (or Crusaders Square), from where Charles Bridge is visible against the background of Prague Castle, is perhaps the most beautiful square in the whole city. Houses and churches in Gothic style; streets and squares paved with cobblestones; stone towers create an amazing historical atmosphere. And all kinds of bars, restaurants, dance clubs, international brand stores, galleries and hotels give energy to the old city, presenting its modern face.

The next amazing construction worth visiting is the Charles Bridge.  The bridge connects the districts of Prague Castle and the city's Old Town. It was built in the XIV century and named after the founder — Charles IV. Today it is one of the most beautiful places in Prague, and even with a magical view of the old center and the Vltava River. It's no wonder that it's never quiet and boring here. Come and take a walk, look at the ancient sculptures (there are already 30 of them here), listen to street musicians and watch the work of local artists.

Don't forget to go see the National Monument of Culture of the Czech Republic - Prague Castle. This is the largest castle complex in the world and the best place for those who want to feel the spirit of the medieval capital of the Czech Republic. The buildings of the city reflected the architectural styles of different eras. There are, of course, many amazing stories connected with all these palaces, majestic temples and squares. To hear them, it's best to take a guided tour.

Sights in Prague

The next thing worth visiting in Prague is the St. Vitus Cathedral, ranked among the pearls of European Gothic, is an artistic and national-historical shrine of the Czech Republic.St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral, the construction of which lasted almost six centuries in a row, is a vivid example of Gothic art in Prague. The cathedral is an integral part of the Prague Castle, which is considered the largest castle complex in the world. At the present time, St. Vitus Cathedral serves as the residence of the Archbishop of Prague.

What to see in Prague

A historical place that is also worth a look is one of the oldest districts of the city Josefov Quarter, preserving the history of the first Jewish settlers, who were actively expelled throughout Europe, and in Prague they found a tolerant attitude and great opportunities for settling their lives and preserving cultural heritage. The quarter was named after Emperor Joseph II, who initiated reforms that greatly facilitated the lives of Jews.

In the Josef quarter there are several synagogues, a cemetery and historical monuments preserved over the past centuries. It is very useful to walk around the block with a personal guide, and not as part of an excursion.

Other activities in Prague 

For more activities in the Czech capital, you can visit the Chocolate Museum, which is located next to the Old Town Square. At the entrance you will be treated to a chocolate bar or a cup of hot chocolate, and in the museum itself you will see cocoa beans of different shapes and sizes, learn the history of chocolate, appreciate the rich collection of all kinds of wrappers and packages for chocolate. In the museum, you can also make chocolate, and then eat your product.

You can also go and see the Krzyzyk fountains, in Prague they are called "singing", although it would probably be more correct to say "dancing". Moreover, not only the fountains themselves dance here, but also the professionals of this business. And people come from all over Prague to admire this spectacle.

Also in Prague there is a huge zoo to visit which you need to allocate a whole day. Well, or at least 4 hours. In less time you just won't have time to go around and see everything

Resort places near Prague

If you have time, then visit the resort town in the west of Bohemia in the Czech Republic - Karlovy Vary. Everything is beautiful in Karlovy Vary: the low mountains surrounding the resort, houses in the style of historical romanticism, a picturesque river and colonnades covering mineral springs. The city was built in different styles at different times, all the houses have their own color and appearance and are not similar to each other. There are also many beautiful parks and squares in the city – where you can spend time thinking or just relax from the hustle and bustle.

There are three observation towers in Karlovy Vary, from which you will have a view of the surroundings and the city itself, more than 30 monuments and 10 busts of famous people. In general, it can be noted that Karlovy Vary breathes history, because here every little thing has historical value.

Resort places near Prague

Traditional food of Czech Republic

Prague is just one of those places where the most vivid impressions are associated with traditional cuisine, because it is the gastronomic capital of Europe.

Every tourist in Prague is sure to stop at a place they like to taste local dishes. In the capital of the Czech Republic you will find themed restaurants, various tasting rooms, breweries, pastry shops, a variety of places where you can spend time and find out what to eat in Prague.

On each street there are many different restaurants and cafes where you can go and order something from traditional food.

The peculiarity of Czech cuisine is the abundance of high–calorie, fatty foods. Therefore, the menu must have meat dishes, mainly pork, but along with it beef, lamb, poultry are used. Vegetables serve as an addition to meat, and potatoes prevail among them.

Here are some traditional dishes that are definitely worth eating while you are in Prague:

Bramboračka - potato soup with smoked meats and mushrooms, which is served in a loaf of bread. 

Pečené vepřové koleno -  baked pork knee, the same knuckle that is prepared in the Czech Republic and in neighboring countries, but everywhere-in its own way. Czech chefs have their own secrets of cooking knuckle. 

Knedlík - (Dumplings) a bun of bread potato dough, steamed and sliced with different fillings.

Smažený hermelín - is the national dish of the Czech Republic, which is made from hermelin cheese, the cheese is rolled in breadcrumbs and fried, and then served with baked vegetables and berry sauce.

Soups in the Czech Republic are paid tribute. There can be a dozen items on the menu, from the usual vegetable soup to the famous bramborachka. Cream, beaten eggs, and mashed vegetables are often put into the soup for density. The finished soup is seasoned with fresh herbs. Zeleninova polévka is a light vegetable soup. Hovězí vývar s nudlemi – beef broth with noodles. Gulášová polévka is a thick goulash soup with meat broth, combining the first and second courses at once. It is often served in bread

Svíčková na smetaně – stewed veal or beef tenderloin. It is served with two sauces at once, sour cream and lingonberry. Guláš – goulash, a dish originally from Hungary, has taken root in traditional Czech cuisine. To prevent the thick meat sauce from remaining on the plate, goulash and other meat dishes in the Czech Republic are served with dumplings. Královský meč – "Royal sword", pork kebab with vegetables, strung on a sword skewer.

Potatoes at the head of the table of Potato dishes in the Czech Republic is the most frequent side dish. Potatoes are boiled, fried, baked, pancakes and casseroles are made from it, used for making dumplings. Bramboráky – ruddy pancakes made from raw potato mass. This is a very popular dish of Czech cuisine. Vařeny brambor – boiled potatoes. Pečený brambor v alobalu – potatoes baked in foil.

Speaking of sweets: in the Czech Republic they are eaten not only on holidays. Karlovarské oplatky – Karlovy Vary waffles. The famous dish has been cooked in the Czech Republic for 200 years. Almost transparent waffle cakes, the dough for which is made on the basis of mineral water from healing springs, are smeared with stuffing and served hot. Try traditional chocolate-nut waffles or newfangled ones (with tiramisu filling, for example). Gingerbread pastry is popular here. Štramberské uši – cookies in the form of a bag. Pardubický perník – intricately painted honey Pardubice gingerbread. It's good to buy this delicacy as a souvenir – it's even a pity to eat such beauty.

Of the drinks, České pivo is the pride of the country. Each region brews its own excellent beer, but there are also famous varieties: Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser Budvar, Staropramen, Krusovice, Kozel, Gambrinus, Radegast. There are several other alcoholic beverages in the Czech Republic that are known far beyond the borders of the country. Becherovka is a herbal liqueur based on herbs, which is produced in Karlovy Vary.

Best restaurants in Prague

While walking through the ancient streets of Prague, you get the feeling that you have entered a fairy-tale kingdom. Local restaurants and cafes attract tourists no less, luring them with appetizing smells and pleasant prices

In this city, catering establishments are found literally at every step.

The pub "U Fleku" is the oldest and most expensive restaurant in Prague, the first mention of it in written sources dates back to 1499. And since 1843, the famous "Flekovsky" lager has been brewed here. There are no other beers in this restaurant. Each of the eight halls is different in design, and has its own name and history.

The restaurant-brewery “U dvou kocek” – offers delicious traditional cuisine for a small price here

The “U Kalicha Pub” is a popular restaurant that everyone knows from The Adventures of the Brave Soldier Schweik. This is a tourist institution with a legendary history and fairly high prices. 

The beer hall "U Cherny Vola" (U Černého Vola) is a restaurant that locals like to visit, in it you can feel the spirit of old Prague. Time seems to have stopped here, you get into the past. 

Café “Lounge” is one of the best establishments for its cozy interior, pleasant service, excellent coffee and delicious breakfasts.

Here you will be offered a poached egg with smoked trout and cauliflower, pancakes melting in your mouth, granola with apples and yogurt, fragrant pastries.

When choosing a place for lunch, you can focus on prices by looking at the menus that are usually hung in front of the restaurant or displayed in the window.

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