Trip to Budapest
Updated: 2022-07-18

Trip to Budapest 

The capital of Hungary is Budapest, formed by the merger of three large districts: Buda, Obuda (on the right bank of the Danube) and Pest (on the eastern bank of the Danube). This city is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe for a reason – many sights of Budapest are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Budapest is called one of the most attractive cities in Europe. It attracts not only the atmosphere of an ancient imperial city, majestic architecture, but also the fresh resort air. This city is able to please both those who want to see ancient Europe and learn more about history, and those who prefer to travel beyond the excursion framework.

Trip to Budapest

What to do in Budapest? 

Budapest consists of two parts, separated by the Danube River. The older part is called Buda, it lies on the hills. Sightseeing of its attractions will allow you to get acquainted with the history of the country. Pest is located on the plain. When planning excursions, it is worth starting with Buda, and ending with Pest.

Being in the capital of Hungary, you will hear several names of this place. Locals say: "Fortress Hill", "Castle Hill", "Buda Mountain". Here you can explore the city from a bird's-eye view and get acquainted with its main attractions. A chain bridge spanning the Danube leads here. From Pest, the bridge faces Roosevelt Square, and from Buda, Adam Clark Square. Climbing Buda Hill, first of all, it is worth visiting the Holy Trinity Square. This area was formed in the Middle Ages. There is also a Plague Column here – in Western European countries it was customary to erect monuments to the victims of the plague.

Then you should see the Temple, the bastion and the Royal Palace. 

St. Matthias Catholic Cathedral is one of the most beautiful buildings in Budapest, the construction of which has been going on for two centuries. The building is made in the Gothic style and is so magnificent that even when the Turks captured the city in the 16th century, they did not destroy the temple, but only covered up the frescoes.

The location of the temple is also noteworthy — it is part of the architectural complex of the Buda Castle, located between St. Peter's Square. Trinity and the Fishing Bastion. This is one of the most beautiful squares in the Hungarian capital, plus it offers fantastic views of the luxurious Parliament building. And the bell tower of the Matthias Cathedral is the tallest structure of the Buda Castle.

Another attraction is the Fisherman's Bastion. The Fisherman's Bastion is one of the most famous sights of Budapest. Built at the end of the 19th century to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the formation of the Hungarian state and inspired by medieval motifs, this monument of neo-Romanesque architecture is decorated with conical towers, arcades and balustrades, vaguely resembling a defensive structure. In fact, the Fisherman's Bastion has a decorative character and is considered one of the best viewing points in Budapest.

And finally, the Royal Palace. Enter it through the Ornamental gate, admire the beautiful pattern. Next to the entrance to the palace you will see a column on which the Turul bird is sitting. According to legend, the mother of the first ruler of the country gave birth to a son from this bird. Since then, it has become a symbol of the ruling dynasty. Then the bird appeared in a dream to the leader of the Hungarian tribes and indicated to him that it was time to move to the local lands. Therefore, the image of the mythical bird is still dear to Hungarians.

Also at the entrance there is a monument to the legendary Eugene of Savoy, who liberated the Hungarian lands from the Turks. The prince is sitting on a horse, and the defeated Turks are at the bottom.

What to do in Budapest

Must visit places in Budapest 

The most recognizable and certainly the most elegant building in Budapest is the Parliament. A real symbol of the city, and of Hungary as a whole.   The building is so self-sufficient that it is included in the UNESCO list

The Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest, designed and built in the Neo-Gothic style, is considered the largest structure in the country. There are about 700 rooms inside the building, most of which are occupied by hundreds of parliamentary offices. The building looks impressive from any angle, but the most spectacular panorama opens from the Danube. Despite strict controls, there are daily guided tours for visitors in some parts of the building.

Sights in Budapest

The next sight is Heroes Square – one of the main city squares, located at the end of Andrassy Avenue. In the center of the square stands the Millennium Memorial – a tall column topped with a statue of the Archangel Gabriel, who holds the apostolic cross and the crown of King Istvan. The base of the column is decorated with equestrian sculptures of the leaders of seven Magyar tribes. It is believed that it was they who brought people from Central Asia to the Carpathian basin, marking the beginning of the formation of the Hungarian state. On both sides of the central column there are two semicircular colonnades depicting prominent figures who have entered the history of Hungary. On the east and west sides of the square are two beautiful buildings of art museums – the Mučarnok Palace of Arts and the Museum of Fine Arts.

The Buda Fortress is located on a hill called Var Hegy (Fortress Mountain). The historical district of the city, called Buda Castle, was formed in the 13th century. Here was the residence of the Hungarian kings, starting with Bel IV. It was repeatedly rebuilt, demolished to the ground and restored again.

Now the Royal Palace with the adjacent complex plays the role of the cultural center of Budapest. It houses its collection, consisting mainly of the creations of Hungarian artists and sculptors, the National Gallery. Works from other museums of the world are regularly exhibited here.

Residents and guests of Budapest like to stroll around the vast square in front of the palace, from here you can clearly see the picturesque panorama of the Danube and the opposite Pest.

The best places to visit in Budapest

Be sure to visit the Basilica of St. Istvan (Stefan) , the largest and most famous temple in Budapest. In addition to an interesting history, here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city, a picturesque interior and a large hall where classical music concerts are held. In addition, services and ceremonies are held there.

A beautiful suspension bridge, built in 1849, connects two historical parts of the city – Buda (west) and Pest (east). Designed by an English engineer and built by a Scot, the Chain Bridge symbolizes national pride and economic progress. This historically important and impressive architectural structure can be walked in about 15 minutes. During the walk you can see many sights of Budapest on both sides of the river

What to see in Budapset

Another attraction of the city is Mount Gellert. The mountain was named after Gerard of Hungary, a Catholic saint, the enlightener of Hungary, who died when he was imprisoned in a barrel and thrown off the mountain.

At its top is the Citadel, a structure that was built in the middle of the XIX century to control the city. Today it is a full-fledged recreation area with a restaurant, a beer bar and a cafe. At the walls of the Citadel stands a 14-meter Monument of Freedom in honor of the liberation of the country — the figure of a woman with a raised palm branch in her hand. And at her feet there are two more sculptures: an allegory of forward movement and a struggle with an evil spirit.

Budapest is famous for its therapeutic thermal springs, of which there are a lot. One of them is located just at the foot of Mount Gellert. This is how the famous Hungarian Rudash bath house appeared here, and next to it there is a hotel with a hydrotherapy and swimming pools.

Budapest attractions

What is really worth seeing next: The Central Market is one of the iconic sights of Budapest. Residents of the city like to shop here, and numerous tourists are attracted not only by the assortment of local products and souvenirs, but also by the impressive architecture of the building. The building was built in the Neo-Gothic style, its real decoration is the corner towers and ceramic multi-colored tiles.

Intresting places to visit in Budapest

Significant activities in Budapest:

For more activities in Budapest you can visit Gellert bath house. It is considered the most beautiful in Hungary, as it is located in a luxurious Art Nouveau building resembling a palace. Stained glass windows, marble columns, bronze statues, stucco molding and drinking fountains make the Gellert bath one of the most popular tourist spots in the capital.

Another significant and soul-stirring place in Budapest that is worth visiting is the Museum of Terror. Here you can learn more about the history of Hungary and the tragic period of the totalitarian regime. The exposition leaves an indelible impression. 

You can also visit the Palace of Arts. that Palace has become a favorite place for Budapest youth to spend their leisure time. In the evenings there are music concerts and theater performances, and in the afternoon everyone can see a collection of works by contemporary artists.

Traditional food of Hungary

Traveling to other countries always means trying national dishes and learning more about the culture itself.

Often tourists visiting a new country are interested not only in the sights and traditions, but also in the traditional national dishes of this country. in the capital of Hungary, not only tourists, but also the residents of the city themselves are very fond of Hungarian traditional cuisine and when you arrive in the city, you will see a large number of restaurants and cafes where you can try all the dishes yourself

Here are some traditional dishes that are definitely worth eating while you are in Budapest:

If we talk about meat dishes in Hungary, they can be prepared from pork, pig, beef, veal, game, poultry. Some dishes use different types of meat or meat processed in different ways. The rivers and lakes of the country are rich in fish of various species, therefore, dishes from Danube catfish, Tissai sterlet, Balaton pike perch occupy an important place in the national cuisine. Various vegetables are also used: eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes, various cabbage and — as the most important components of many dishes — onions and sweet peppers.

Goulash (gulyás) - the main national Hungarian meat dish is thick goulash. Initially, it was a traditional food of shepherds, they cooked soup over a fire in pots. The very word "goulash" is translated from Hungarian as "shepherd". Now the dish can be eaten in every restaurant in Budapest. Pörkölt - fried and then stewed with paprika and onion meat. Beef, pork, lamb, poultry, beef tripe, liver, chicken ventricles are used for perkelt. Paprikás is meat stewed in sour cream, most often chicken or veal. Sometimes they cook paprikash from fish. Debrecen kolbász - smoked long sausages made of ground beef and pork with paprika. Debrecen sausages are rarely served as an independent dish, but they are often added to goulash.

Soups take pride of place in Hungarian cuisine. No meal is complete without them. Bograch is another insanely delicious soup, the recipe of which was borrowed from Hungarian shepherds at one time. The composition of the dish necessarily includes meat products and a lot of vegetables: sweet peppers, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, onions. Even in inexpensive cafes in Budapest, you can eat bograch with both beef and smoked meats (pork ribs, hunting sausages).

Jokai bableves is a thick and rich bean soup, which includes pork knuckle and smoked sausage.  Halasz leves, or halászlé, is a traditional Hungarian freshwater fish soup. Especially delicious fish soup can be tasted on Lake Balaton, where it is prepared from freshly caught fish. 

Főzelék is the lightest of Hungarian soups. Mashed vegetables are seasoned with flour and sour cream sauce, and boiled egg, meatballs or croutons are added to the finished dish.

Hungarians love sweets no less than meat dishes. It is not surprising that there are almost more traditional restaurants and cafes in Budapest.

Kürtőskalács - is a crispy golden tube sprinkled with sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nuts and other various goodies.Tubes are baked in outdoor tents over coals, and it is best to eat this delicacy warm – especially since is necessarily sold at Christmas fairs. Somlói galuska - is a traditional dish in Hungary. This is a dessert made of slices of nut and chocolate sponge cake, poured with whipped cream. Somlói galuska can be served in a cream bowl or in the form of a cake, and raisins or prunes are sometimes added to the composition of the delicacy. Rigó Jancsi is a cake made of two plates of sponge cake, between which a thick layer of chocolate mousse is laid. Dobostorta is a cake made of thin sponge cakes smeared with chocolate cream and poured with caramel glaze. It has been baked for the second hundred years, and it is listed in the list of the most popular desserts in Hungary.

Speaking of drinks, in Hungary, a hospitality drink expressing national traditions is considered Palinka - brandy with a strength of 50 ° and above, made from various fruit and berry raw materials. Hungary is also rich in vineyards, and therefore offers a wide selection of local wines. Egri bikavér - is a dry red wine that is perfect for hearty meat dishes. Száraz Tokaji Szamorodni, Tokaji aszu – dessert wines, a good end to the meal.

Best restaurants in Budapest 

Budapest has a large selection of establishments with delicious and inexpensive food. Passing through the sights of Budapest, you will see many cafes and restaurants where you can stop and have lunch. Many restaurants on the street display menus with prices, so you can navigate already at the entrance. 

Százéves - is considered to be the oldest restaurant in Budapest. It opened in 1831 on the ground floor of the Peterffy Palace. People come here to taste the best Hungarian goulash and juicy beef tenderloin in Budapest. 

Hungarikum Bisztro - cozy bistro with a pleasant atmosphere and live music. The restaurant is so popular among tourists and residents of Budapest that you need to book a table in advance. Here you will be offered lightly salted cucumbers with sour cream and paprika, goulash soup and crispy duck leg with a side dish of onion puree and cabbage.

Retek Bistro - is located near the Chain Bridge. A small restaurant with a cheerful atmosphere and delicious food. As a compliment, guests are offered a glass of branded liqueur. Here you can taste meat dishes, red Hungarian wine and delicate national dessert and crispy duck leg with stewed cabbage strudel and mashed potatoes.

Paprika - is a small and cozy establishment that occupies the first floor of an old house with mascarons. The best dishes here - broccoli cream soup with roasted almonds, goulash with homemade noodles. Signature plate "Paprika", this dish includes beef or pork medallions, goose leg, breaded turkeys, stuffed sausage, cheese, rice, fried potatoes and red cabbage.

If you want to taste sweet traditional dishes, visit coffee shops that serve delicious coffee, excellent Hungarian desserts and prepare inexpensive breakfasts: Medal, Kelet Cafe, Jegbufe and Cafe Zsivago.

Best hotels to stay in Budapest 

In comparison with other European countries, prices in Hungary are not so high. That is why almost all good hotels in Budapest are located in the city center. There is no point in booking a hotel far away from the city center, when you can settle in the heart of the capital at a pleasant price.

Here are the best apartments where you can stay:

“Budapest Eye” - Boutique Suites, by BQA - is located 500 meters from Dohany Street Synagogue and 300 meters from St. Stephen's Basilica. The lodging is WiFi-free in all public areas. The House of Terror, Buda Castle, and Budapest History Museum are all nearby. 

State Opera, Chain Bridge, and the Hungarian National Museum are well-known attractions close to the hotel. The hotel includes accommodations for families.

The hotel will provide guests air-conditioned rooms that come equipped with a fridge, a kettle, a flat-screen TV, a safety deposit box, and a private bathroom with a shower. All of the rooms at Budapest Eye- Boutique Suites by BQA are furnished with linens and towels. 

Next hotel where you can stay is - “Dormero” Hotel Budapest. The DORMERO Hotel Budapest provides speed check-in and check-out, allergy-free rooms, a bar, free WiFi throughout the building, and a garden. The units will provide guests with air conditioning, a safety deposit box and a TV.. The Hungarian State Opera is a 400-meter walk away. The Chain Bridge, the Hungarian National Museum, and the Dohany Street Synagogue, House of Terror, St. Stephen's Basilica and Hungarian Parliament Building are all within close proximity. On-site private parking is offered. 

D8 Hotel - D8 Hotel is located in Budapest and offers free Wi-Fi.  During your stay, you can spend time in the shared lounge and bar. The windows offer views of the city.

The rooms at the hotel are equipped with a flat-screen TV with cable channels. All rooms have a bathroom with free toiletries. A buffet breakfast is served every morning at the D8 Hotel.

The Chain Bridge is 400 meters away, and the Cathedral of St. Stephen's Basilica. Buda Fortress is 700 meters away and the State Opera House is 900 meters away.

Goszdu Court Budapest - All apartments offer flat-screen TVs, soundproof windows, and contemporary kitchens. The rooms are spread out across the complex's several structures. The restaurant offers a filling buffet breakfast with both hot and cold dishes, and the hotel's club lounge provides a range of exclusive advantages. Both grownups and kids can unwind in the wellness spa or exercise in the gym for a fee.

Bohem Art Hotel - Located in the center of Budapest blends the look of a fashionable hotel with the atmosphere of an art gallery by housing young Hungarian artists. Retains free WiFi access. Hotel's rooms all have air conditioning. They have a flat-screen TV, a minibar, and a laptop safe. Each one of them offers free Wi-Fi.

The Danube River and the shopping district of Vaci utca are both about 50 meters away from the Bohem Art Hotel. There are many bars, cafes, and restaurants around.

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