Traditional Parties in Valencia
Updated: 2020-03-06
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There are many traditional festivals in Valencia, but in particular there are 5 that are the most popular and in which more people participate and attend.


La Tomatina de Buñol.

Más de 20.000 personas lanzándose tomates entre sí y las calles teñidas de un rojo ácido.

Do not hesitate to go sometime in your life, it is a unique experience. Since the award and privatization process, the party is not so crowded and your visit is much more advisable. In addition, it is a day of coexistence with paellas, music and children's activities.


Las fallas de Valencia.

Las fallas no son solo monumentos: Son castillos de fuegos artificiales, buñuelos con chocolate, ofrendas, bandas de música, la Mascletà diaria y muchas otras actividades. En fin, que si no te gustan las fallas no te quedará otra que quedarte en casa ya que el olor a pólvora y el “sentiment” de la fiesta reina por doquier en marzo.


La magdalena de Castellón

The Fiestas de la Magdalena are the biggest festivities in Castellón de la plana. In them the origins of the city are commemorated, remembering the transfer of the city from the hill of the Magdalena to the fertile coastal plane in 1251 and that were declared of international tourist interest in 2010.


Las hogueras de Sant Joan.

The Bonfires of San Juan or Fogueres de Sant Joan are celebrated in the city of Alicante by San Juan, from June 20 to 24. They are the official festivities of the city. Declared of international tourist interest in 1983 and Property of Intangible Cultural Interest in 2014.


Moros y Cristianos de Alcoy

The festivities of Moors and Christians or Moors and Christians of Alcoi, are a celebration of the population of Alcoy, Alicante, which includes the representation of the struggle between two sides: The Muslim and the Christian. Today, various Muslim associations ask for the suppression of these traditional festivals or that at least their victorious character of one side disappears.


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