The festvals in France
Updated: 2020-03-06
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Taking the Bastiglia 

On July 14, the national holiday of the taking of the Bastille, the party is seen as a symbol of the revolt, all the stages close to make room for the parade, after the parade the president does an interview with television and in the evening the dance of the Firefighters. It is the period that recalls one of the most difficult periods of France and today where once the Bastille rose, we find one of the most famous squares in France.The military parade is really very impressive, the police military units parade on foot or on vehicles and the parade also joins the aerial parade.
the opening of the parara takes place by means of acrobatic jets that color the shade with the coor of the national flag
The celebrations then continue all day until it reaches the evening, when the crowd gathers on the Champ de Mars to wade through the incredible pyrotechnic show that illuminates the city by wrapping the Eiffel Tower with their lights and their colors.
 On this day, not only Paris is celebrating, but the whole nation and every town and village are organized parades, fireworks and lots and lots of fun for everyone.


The festival of lights

From 8 to 10 December nights in Lyon are filled with lights and colors. French and tourists come together in the squares and in the main streets to see the city - it should be said - in another light. In those days the Festival of Lights is held, or, as they call it on the spot, the Fête des Lumières. As for many traditions, the origin is religious. Today the party is a triumph of light games and artistic installations that transform and give life to the city.


The Feast of Saint Louis and the jousting in Sète

A Medieval Joust but at sea A seaside town located just south of Montpellier, Sète demonstrates all its maritime tradition during the Feast of Saint Louis, patron saint of the city. These are six days of shows and events during the month of August on the streets of the city and above all along the main channel, the Cadre Royal. The highlight of the festival is undoubtedly the final of the joutes tournament.


La Fête de la Musique

Born in 1982 and now widespread
Stalls and stage at the Roman Theater of Orange, in Provence, for the Music Festival
In the shortest night of the year, that of the summer solstice, musical art is celebrated in France. The party, founded in 1982 on the initiative of the Music and Dance Director Murice Fleuret, of the Ministry of Culture, soon spread throughout the country and crossed national borders. Today, as many as 130 countries around the world celebrate the Music Festival. Every French city, at nightfall, turns into a large open-air stage where everyone is invited to take part in the show.


The Féria of Nîmes

The bullfight on French soil
The arena during the 2013 Feria de Nîmes (photo by Fusio11 via Flickr)
There is an Arena, but we are not in Verona. There is bullfighting, but we are not in Spain. In fact, every year in Nîmes the Féria of Pentecôte and the Féria des Vendanges are held, respectively during Pentecost and in September. The tradition of the Feria dates back more than sixty years ago, while bullfighting has been practiced in the city since the mid-nineteenth century.


The Beaujolais festival

This is a festival that takes place in the month of November that celebrates the end of the wine-making period and the marketing of the new wine. It is a much awaited event as well as an occassipone to meet and spend time together.

At the same time, the Sarmentelles de Beaujeu takes place, which consists in carrying processional wheelbarrows full of grape branches given to the flames is a propitiatory rite that precedes the first tapping from the barrels. While the restaurants offer special menus that accompany the wine tasting.


Sagra Flambée de la Morteau

In Morteau, in the summer, the eagerly-awaited Flambée de la Morteau festival takes place: a demonstration featuring Morteau's sausage. The celebrations last three days and in these days you can breathe a; atmosphere full of joy and conviviality, and different meetings are organized to brighten up the meetings. At the festival there are benches that illustrate the flavors of the earth, the music in all its eclectic variations is the soundtrack to the event and for the more daring are scheduled competitions to try out. The jovial atmosphere is assured by good food that gives good mood to all participants, from the oldest to the youngest.


Festival of the Grand Pruneau Show in Agen

Agen is the municipality where an excellent prune is produced and this production is celebrated with a much awaited festival, the Grand Pruneau Show, which since 2005 has enlivened the town in an enchanting three days. It is a festival dedicated to gastronomy, which takes place at the reopening of schools after the summer break, and during which the first prunes of the year are tasted. The city is invaded by markets that celebrate products of gastronomic excellence, with particular regard to regional products. Music, entertainment with street artists and sporting events are the setting for this fun festival.


The chili pepper festival in Espelette

A gastronomic feast that attracts many visitors is the chili pepper festival held in Espelette. The first edition dates back to 1968: this product that thrives in the area, was widely used as a condiment in local cuisine recipes. It is an annual festival that takes place at the end of October, where local gastronomy stalls offer typical preparations. Music, dances and an atmosphere of joyful conviviality do the rest.


Chestnut Festival in Corsica in Bocognano

This is another much awaited feast by the French, it is one of the oldest festivals on the island, it takes place in December and brings together more than 150 producers from the agri-food sector. The chestnut is celebrated but also what derives from it, such as flour and roasted chestnuts; the party is enriched with stands that also enhance local products such as oil, honey, wine and beer. It is an event rich in entertainment, music, dances, but also areas reserved for reading and stalls reserved for handicrafts with local productions of vases and wood carvings.


Feast of the Allies 

May 8th celebrates the victory of the Allies, May 8th is the day commemorating Germany's surrender during World War II. Officially, in France, talking about the May 8th is like talking about the victory of 1945.
On some calendars there is the word armistice, but this term is not correct. That day, May 8, 1945, the bells rang for 15 hours to celebrate the end of the conflict in Europe.This festive sound was accompanied by radio declarations and consequent scenes of great jubilation on the streets.

It is also a day linked to the tragic memory of the Setif massacres in Algeria and linked to the celebrations in honor of the memory of Joan of Arc, especially in the city of Orleans.


Easter period

France is a country where more than half of the population belongs to the Catholic religion and it is natural to find rituals and customs belonging to the Easter period. a legend, at that time, the bells depart for Rome, to go to the holy seat to hear directly from the Pope the announcement of the resurrection of Christ. It is said that during the return journey, crossing the entire country, the bells drop eggs and chocolate rabbits. A practice widely practiced by the French is to hide the chocolates for the home or garden, and the children enjoy looking for them.


The Market in Aix en Provence

In Aix-en-Provence, the most fascinating city of Provence; here the market is first and foremost a ritual: citizens immerse themselves in the market and savor the true essence, the opening of the stalls. Merchants illustrate their products; fruit, vegetables, flowers but also textiles and handicrafts fill place Richelme three times a week.

The Marcket du Soir in Cavaillon

For those who like to live in the evening, there is the Marché du Soir, which takes place in Cavaillon every Thursday evening. Only a few exhibitors but of great value and quality, including the melon stalls to which the Fête du Melon is dedicated; from here also comes the majority of the agricultural products that set the markets in the area.

The Marcket in Avignone 

In Avignon, the city of the popes, you can immerse yourself in the scents and colors of the flower markets, a triumph of varieties that fill the benches and fill the eye; among the various things to see, the flea market, where every kind of wonder is hidden behind the benches; you can find everything from craftsmanship to the most common things to the most unthinkable, all enriched by the savoir-faire of merchants who have the ability to put visitors at ease making them participants in the market.


The 24 Hours of Le Mans

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the most popular car races because it stands out from the others for the duration and because various drivers alternate driving the same car over the course of the twenty-four hours. The race track is nestled in the heart of France, in an area rich in castles and very suggestive woods: the famous region of the Pays de la Loire.In addition to the enchanting views that this region offers to tourists, the Loire is also known for good food that you can taste in typical restaurants. The circuit on which the race is run is about thirteen kilometers long and is also composed of roads that are normally used for the circulation of cars.


Nice carnival

This festival is celebrated in February, it is one of the most important festivals of the whole panorama of events on the Côte d'Azur. During the festival, which lasts about fifteen days, themed parades are organized, both day and night.
In addition to the fashion shows, there is another moment not to be missed during the Nice Carnival: the Bataille des Fleurs.
This "battle of flowers" serves to showcase the variety and beauty of local flowers. During the battle, countless wagons dressed in only flowers, attached one by one with a grueling but worthy job, as people on board launch thousands of flowers to the spectators who attend the show on the Promenade des Anglais, the most important street in Nice. The whole city shines in celebration during the Carnival, thanks to the more than one hundred and fifty thousand light bulbs that shine in the dark of night, making the city magical. , music is also an important aspect of this festival: in fact, each wagon has its own orchestra that plays throughout the fashion show.

Carnevale di Nizza: l'Evento Invernale più Importante della Costa Azzurra

Normandie Festival

The festival will take place from 3 to 6 September for the occasion, numerous events will be organized throughout the region for the happiness of adults and children. Normandy Impressionist is a multidisciplinary festival that combines Impressionism in all its forms with a invitation to the discovery of contemporary creation. From painting to music, through dance, photography, cinema but also installations of lights and sounds. The festival programming is eclectic, with great exhibitions, interventions organized in the public space, conferences, but also shows and large digital projects. In a strongly cultural atmosphere


The appointment with the most famous cycling race in France is for July. The Tour de France will start on the 7th in the Vendée from Noirmoutier and will end on the 29th in Paris, on the Champs Elysées. In all 21 stages and a yellow jersey to conquer and hold tight.


Cannes Film Festival

There is little to say about the Cannes Film Festival, it is simply one of the most famous sector events in the world which, as always, from 9 to 20 May, will bring the most famous faces of international cinema to the Croisette.The International "Festival International du Film Panafricain" in Cannes is a platform that shows cinema and its professions, arts and entrepreneurship, as well as innovation, culture and events. The FIFG is a heartfelt moment. It is a unique experience in which pan-African cinema and African cultures and those of its diaspora are the center of attention. You feel an exceptional energy.

Festivenu in the city of Calvi

The city of Calvi, on the French island, hosts the twenty-first edition of the Festiventu. From October 23rd to 27th the Corsican town is animated by events, sporting events and meetings that have to do with the element of the wind; on this theme will be artists, sportsmen, musicians, scientists, humorists, actors and environmentalists.


Feast of Tarasca

Tarasca Feast The second weekend of June is held every year in Tarascon and celebrates the defeat of the monstrous creature of the tarasca, a species of gigantic turtle with a lion's head. Arrived in Provence, after having holed up in the bed of the Rhone, it terrorized the region killing the inhabitants and devastating everything.


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