The best restaurants in Perugia
Updated: 2020-03-06
  • Sun restaurant
  • I can not wait
  • Pompei
  • The Sangallo
  • The main dish
  • Queen restaurant
  • Iris restaurant
  • Rubbagalline
  • The spat
  • Ginger restaurant
  • The grimace
  • From Settimio

Sun restaurant

It offers dishes inspired by the Umbrian gastronomic tradition with recipes prepared with fresh fish. Fish dishes with typical products such as truffles or mushrooms. The ingredients used are related to the season. The wine cellar includes over 200 wine labels. It provides the premises to organize happy hours with friends, dinners, banquets and receptions for graduations, ceremonies and birthdays. 


I can not wait

The products are prepared by hand with an absolutely natural leavening and maturation process. The pizzas range from the most classic to the most original. The pizzas are cooked in a wood oven and you can choose the preferred height.



It is a welcoming and familiar environment, where you can enjoy fabulous homemade pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven. You can choose between pizza by the meter, cut, take away and family format. In addition to pizzas, the pizzeria also offers delicious appetizers, salads, pasta dishes, meat-based second courses, such as meat cooked on a lava-stone grill and fish that cannot be missed. 


The Sangallo

This offers the chef's specialties inspired by local tradition and enriched with creativity. All the products are from the territory such as cold cuts, cheeses and above all the wines. The cuisine offers dishes that are always looking for while maintaining tradition. The products are full of quality and genuine.


The main dish

Typical regional and national cuisine with genuine local products. Local suitable for groups, for business lunches and for social gatherings and romantic dinners. The cellar includes local white and red wines from the most important production companies. Even the beers are among the best.


Queen restaurant

Simple dishes, prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients, high quality Umbrian and Italian, carefully chosen every morning at the general markets. High quality products, tasty and generous and above all traditional dishes. 


Iris restaurant

The dishes are prepared with the highest quality ingredients. The rich and varied menu includes Umbrian and Italian dishes. The wine list is also very extensive. It is the ideal place for a work break or for an evening of fun thanks to the theme nights with Persian and Italian cuisine accompanied by evenings with blues music, belly dancing. 



The kitchen offers the best Umbrian cuisine recipes, fresh ingredients, meats and cheeses from the area. Excellent grilled meat cooked before your eyes. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.


The spat

The products inspire quality and freshness. Among the fresh pasta at home there are umbricelli, taglierini, gnocchi, ravioli. Particular importance is then given to meat cooked solely and exclusively on the grill. The specialties of the kitchen can be tasted also at home, it offers the takeaway service. 


Ginger restaurant

It offers an innovative and creative cuisine, which marries the evolution of taste with the great traditional flavors of Umbria and Italy. There is a rich dessert menu and an excellent wine cellar. It allows you to dine from the terrace, enjoying a beautiful sunset, in the heart of Umbria.


The grimace

It offers a wide range of dishes, from fish to pizza, from burgers to revisited traditional Umbrian dishes. The products are always fresh and of high quality. We do not use ready sauces, pre-cooked pasta or rice and the fried foods that they produce themselves. 


From Settimio

The ingredients, fresh and genuine, are skilfully combined with flavors and colors, for a rich and tasteful menu. It offers a wide choice of dishes based on lake fish and specialties of the first of the ancient tradition. Tench, queen, perch, eel: these are just some of the fish cooked for the specialties of first and second courses. Important is the famous Tegamaccio, a typical Umbrian dish that looks like a fish soup strictly accompanied by bruscato bread.







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