The best restaurants in Campobasso
Updated: 2020-03-06
  • The power
  • Misery and Nobility
  • The seahorse
  • Little Italy
  • Aciniello
  • Don Giovanni
  • The plain of the mills
  • Maremimmo
  • The broom
  • Olmicello
  • Duke`s tavern
  • The tavern
  • The swallow

The power

It is well known in the area for its fish dishes. The kitchen is simple but refined, genuine and characterized by traditional dishes, prepared with exclusively fresh and seasonal products. The location is elegant and refined, and adapts to any event. It offers fish-based dishes, typical of the Molise tradition. The wine cellar includes local, national and international wines, reds, whites, rosés, passito wines and dessert wines, as well as prosecco, Italian sparkling wines and the best Champagne.


Misery and Nobility

It uses raw materials of the territory, takes poor products to create great dishes like meat or fish. Also seasonal vegetables are important. The winery has 200 local wines on the territory. 


The seahorse

The restaurant is simple and elegant, furnished in a modern style. It offers a menu rich in both meat and fish specialties, fantastic homemade desserts and a selection of both local and national wines. 


Little Italy

It offers a rich menu of tasty pizzas according to the Neapolitan tradition, you can choose between classic pizzas or fried pizza. All prepared with top quality ingredients. To taste is the "Cornucopia", ie a horn of abundance made with a mixture of type 2 flour that can be filled with ingredients to taste. 



You can taste many dishes of local tradition and Italian cuisine. For meat lovers, local and national meats are prepared using traditional recipes. The Neapolitan pizza cooked in a wood oven is also proposed.


Don Giovanni

It offers typical Molise cuisine. High quality meat is prepared, also serving local cured meats and dairy products. The cellar counts labels from the best wineries and from all the Italian regions. You need to taste 7 Molise specialties. 


The plain of the mills

The products are genuine and fresh, the fruits of one's own garden are preferred according to the seasons. The most important dish is pizza and soup, the most traditional of Molise dishes and is prepared according to the ancient recipe. But there is also fresh pasta prepared in the kitchen with stone-ground flour and our prized truffle. 



It offers a variety of fish-based dishes, prepared with fresh and quality ingredients. The location is simple and welcoming. To taste the seafood salads based on octopus and squid, prawns, boiled or steamed shellfish and crustaceans. But also the carpaccio of real octopus. Exquisite fish fritters too. 


The broom

It offers dishes rich in the fruits of its fields. We prepare "le Ginestrelle", homemade pasta with spelled flour, the "curd" with a unique and priceless taste and at the end of the meal the "zolletta" an infusion of herbs that tastes the sweetness of sugar. It mainly offers roast meats. 



It is a delicious place that offers typical Molise cuisine, typical local products, meat and fish dishes. It proposes the ancient flavors, the meat is genuine and is prepared roasted or barbecued. The choice of wines is also wide. 


Duke's tavern

It offers fresh pasta made with selected wheat, delicious meat specialties and exquisite homemade desserts. The environment is welcoming, elegant and classic. The menu also features pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven and filled with fresh and genuine ingredients. Traditional ancient recipes are prepared with creativity. 


The tavern

It is inspired by the rich Italian and regional tradition of Molise, looking for healthy and genuine products. The dishes boast always fresh products with excellent cold cuts, truffles, porcini mushrooms, grilled meat, fresh pasta and a pizzeria. All accompanied by a good wine. 


The swallow

The cuisine is inspired by the typical dishes of the Molise gastronomic tradition, based on always fresh and quality ingredients. For lovers of pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven, the choice is equally wide. It is the ideal environment for different occasions, from family lunch to banquet for ceremonies and congresses. Outside there are also games for children and the pool.





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