Festivals in Genoa in the Liguria region
Updated: 2020-03-06
  • The_night_of_the_fugues_and_feast_of_San_Benedetto festival in Genoa
  • The_spring_festival_of_Santa_Maria_Ligurefestival in Genoa
  • Holy_Week_and_Easter_in_Genoa
  • Feast_of_the_Genoese_Palio_Marinario
  • The_star_of_Ranzi festival in Genoa
  • The_Confeugo_ceremony festival in Genoa
  • New_Year_Genoa
  • The_race_quill_festival_in_Alessio

The night of the fugues and feast of San Benedetto festival in Genoa

The night of the fugues and feast of St. Benedict is a very ancient feast that was practiced in ancient times to recall the night when the town was given to fire and still today in this day of celebration the Toggia is burned there are also other sources but however the fets over time this religious festival becomes a historical re-enactment. today we celebrate in honor of St. Benedict, who is there to preserve the tortoise from the horrors and conflicts, it is celebrated on the second Saturday of February, they distribute typical products and illuminate the oldest districts of the city, and finally the following day there will be a historical procession.


The spring festival of Santa Maria Ligure festival in Genoa

The spring festival of Santa Maria Ligure is the spring festival that many tourists in northern Italy, the party is on March 19th in the past to celebrate this moment, every family offered, the old furniture, the remains of the harvest on the fields for make it a big bonfire, even today it is celebrated in this way, those who organize the feast peel fritters many apples, onions and codfish, the fritters are precisely the symbol of Santa Maria Ligure.


Holy Week and Easter in Genoa

Holy Week and Easter and a feast that is today celebrated with the ancient tradition of decorating the sepulchres and the oldest traces dating back to the Middle Ages when the sepulcher was already practiced, these sepulchres are decorated on Holy Thursday and the procession is made in the ancient city of Genoa.


Feast of the Genoese Palio Marinario 

Feast of the Palio Marinario is celebrated on June 29 and is a festival traditionally linked with the sea. the Saint fisherman Pietro, to whom the church was dedicated in the area of the Foce, La Foce area and Corso Italia host the traditional San Pietro Fair, which welcomes hundreds and hundreds of stalls offering various goods, objects, sweets, curiosities and attractions. for the Palio Marinario of San Pietro and the Ragata of the Ancient Maritime Republics wall from a habitual starting point, these fishermen did everything to get to the beach to be able to sell to other fishermen first.


The star of Ranzi festival in Genoa

The star of Ranzi is a floral display that takes place in the Pietra Ligure on 12 May, on this feast day a star of Ranzi is made in the small square in front of the Chapel of the Holy Conception, the star is built by hand, from the center to the outside, while some deal with drawing, others offer traditional flavors and in restaurants they prepare menus with flowers.


The Confeugo ceremony festival in Genoa

This is an ancient festival of the Genoa tradition, on the occasion of the beginning of the year the people paid a well-wishful homage to the highest authorities of the Republic, presenting a laurel trunk decorated with white and red ribbons then the trunk was then burned , always a good omen, this tradition was lost for a certain period and then it was resumed in 1923 since then it is the president of the Compagna who impersonates the Abbot of the People, bringing the traditional laurel trunk to the Mayor.


New Year in Genoa

Genoa is one of the cities in which to spend the New Year with the sparkling atmosphere in the historic center, at the ancient port of Genoa there is the traditional Circumnavigando Festival, the evening is full of shows and fun.



Rolly day

The rolly day is an event that allows all tourists to be able to visit the Ligura buildings free of noble palaces and the historic center, an opportunity to discover the inside of these fantastic buildings, Visitors can choose which buildings to visit and will have at their disposal scientific advisers and students of the University of Genoa, who will illustrate stories of art, culture and events in Genoa enclosed in the frescoes, stuccoes and extraordinary architecture of the Rolli palaces.

The race quill

The race quill is an event that inaugurates the month of February, and became a popular entertainment; a student competition where everything is allowed; each crew, composed of two people, must have a specific theme and arrive at the end of the course, which will be rough due to the "jammers" present in the water.


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