Best Restaurants in Valencia
Updated: 2020-03-09
  • La_Salita
  • Nozomi_Sushi_Bar
  • RiFF
  • PobletRestaurant
  • Apicius
  • Llar_Román
  • RicardCamarena

In Valencia there are many restaurants but among them the following stand out for their high qualities and services.


Ricard Camarena Restaurant

Taste, absolute respect for the product, creative cuisine without shrillness, commitment to tradition sprinkled with cosmopolitan influences, Mediterraneanity and temporality, this is how the gastronomic proposal of the Ricard Camarena Restaurant is defined (2 Michelin Stars and 3 Repsol Suns).



El Poblet Restaurante

Luis Valls develops an innovative market cuisine, committed and close; under the influence of his mother house, the 3 Michelin stars in Dénia
High cuisine born in the light of the Mediterranean, executed by a unique team (Luis Valls, Teresa Pérez, Manuela Romeralo) in the heart of Valencia



Restaurante RiFF

Avant-garde cuisine by Bernd H. Knöller in a cozy table and tablecloth setting.

Born on 19 (San José) in March 1962 in a beautiful village in the Black Forest (Germany), where he makes his apprenticeship at 15 years at the Hotel Ochsen. Right after finishing these 3 years, at the age of 18 he already works at the international Kensington Hilton in London. His idea: Learn English, to travel and work around the world.



Restaurante Apicius

Apicius, restaurant in Valencia, is the result of our way of seeing gastronomy. We like to cook with clean flavors and clear smells, trying to maintain the tastes of yesteryear. We enjoy the selection and use of the products offered by our region and its excellence. We believe that the elaborations must be thorough and precise, and always be at the service of the raw material, that is, they are the means that allow us to extract the best of each product.



Nozomi Sushi Bar

Nuria and josé miguel, owners of nozomi sushi bar, are great passionate of the japanese culture and, in particular, of its kitchen since more than 15 years ago. In 2007 they start their professional adventure in the world of sushi in valencia with sushi home. In 2015 open nozomi sushi bar, a personal project that literally means "the illusion of a dream fulfilled" (nozomi).



La Salita

Haute cuisine tasting menu with Mediterranean roots in a room with light woods and an intimate atmosphere.

It is a good time for you to have your first contact with our gastronomic philosophy and our work. An initiation menu to our kitchen, our ideas and our way of seeing life.



Llar Román

Modern paintings decorate this diaphanous restaurant specializing in paellas and rice dishes, with a conservatory.

El Restaurante LLAR ROMAN está abierto desde 1973. Durante estos 40 años hemos ido evolucionando pero siempre manteniendo la esencia de la COCINA TRADICIONAL que es parte de nuestra identidad. Nuestro objetivo es seguir con la misma ilusión y pasión con la que trabajamos cada día.


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