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Updated: 2020-03-06
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The Vezzo

The Vezzo is a restaurant where you can spend an evening in a meeting point between tradition and modernity in a small and intimate environment, right in the center of Florence. An impactful and essential kitchen, made from fresh ingredients every day. of quality, the menu they propose have been studied according to traditional Florentine dishes, and it is also possible to choose between courses for vegetarians, for celiacs and courses of meat or fish.


Air Hour

Ora d'Aria is a restaurant that has an underground room for evening use or as a private room, surrounded by walls of Roman origin; on the ground floor the main living room that is reflected in the open kitchen allows an ideal dialogue between the customers and the staff at the stove. Tradition and modernity are the undisputed queens of the table, but it starts - in any case - from Tuscan products. Ora d'Aria perfectly reflects the philosophy of the chef who promotes a cuisine made of quality and transparency, it is certainly one of the most prestigious brands in the national catering panorama.


Cantinetta delle Terme

This restaurant is located in the center of Florence, the Cantinetta Delle Terme restaurant offers traditional Tuscan specialties and Mediterranean cuisine, mainly based on fish. The ancient recipes blend with modernity and innovation. Today La Cantinetta represents a point of reference in the Florentine city for its good food, the freshness of its ingredients and the quality of its service. In the restaurant you can enjoy dishes especially with fish accompanied by fish from an excellent wine.

Cantinetta_delle_terme cantinetta_delle_terme_1

Sant 'Ambrogio restaurant

Sant'Ambrogio Restaurant in Florence makes its way into the food and wine scene of the city center with an offer that probes the many possibilities of Tuscan cuisine. They devote all your attention to dishes, which reinterpret Tuscan traditions in a gourmet key, among the first of the caliber of Pappardelle on wild boar with taggische olives and pine nuts, and second courses that do not fear comparisons, such as the stratospheric sliced smoked beef with truffle. The Sant'Ambrogio restaurant also offers excellent vegetarian first courses and second courses full of taste.


Restaurant Out of water

The restaurant is located in the historic center of Florence. The restaurant has been renovated respecting the original features of Tuscan architecture. The restaurant offers excellent fish dishes that arrive every day from the port carefully cooked and served professionally and competently in a simple atmosphere. ,



The restaurant is located in the center of Florence a comfortable and refined environment. The choice of the best wine, the care of the staff and the attention to detail make the Boccanegra Restaurant one of the most loved and enjoyable places in the city, for a romantic or family dinner. The restaurant offers traditional Tuscan dishes such as cold cuts and typical cheeses , croutons and seasonal soups accompanied by wines stored down in the cellar, and lastly Fiorentina steak is one of the most loved dishes not only by Florentines but also by tourists. Boccanegra is first of all a restaurant and tavern, their pizza is famous in Florence among those who often return for an office break lunch.

Boccanegra Boccanegra

The cheerful shrimp

The gambero allegro restaurant is located in Coverciano, one of the most peaceful residential districts of Florence, the restaurant offers fish dishes that can vary depending on the time of year: working exclusively with fresh fish, you can enjoy all the seasonal products that offers our sea, the fish arrives fresh every day from their trusted suppliers carefully chosen and prepared with love and imagination.The fish they serve are toned and used to swimming in the waves of the sea, allowing you to enjoy a leaner meat with a stronger flavor.
Winter and autumn are perfect for mullet, bream and sardine lovers, spring brings with it sole, sea bream and amberjack, while you can find the tasty sea bass both in the summer heat and with the first autumn breezes.

il_gambero_allegro1 il_gambero_allegro

The Ristoclub Basket

In the characteristic Piazza del Cestello, there is another of the historic fish restaurants of Florence, the Cistello Ristoclub, a tribute to the Mediterranean gastronomic culture. Entering the room, a lounge area open until late at night where you can enjoy a cool aperitif or after-dinner cocktail, and a real fish shop at sight, from which guests can choose the fish to bring and prepare at home or to entrust to the expert hands of the chefs, who turn it into refined dishes. Try the crudité grand plateau, the delicious French oysters and the Beluga Iranian caviar. All accompanied by an interesting selection of champagne and Italian and French whites



From Fisherman

Da 'Pescatore, restaurant located inside Villa Medici, of the Sina Hotels group. The kitchen proposes "dishes that are recognized not only for the lights and colors that compose them, but above all for the midtones and shades that go around them" such as the Lemon Sea Bass with olives and capers or Crustaceans on cold cutters, steamed specialties, and even brought them to the grill. Frying is also excellent.


Osteria dell 'OK

The Osteria in the hottest and internationally loved heart of Florence, welcomed among the Brunelleschi's Dome, the Accademia Museum begins the great show of aperitifs with a rich proposal of a buffet of Tuscan taste accompanied with a wide range of Italian cocktails. At the time of the pre-dinner ritual we decided to present the Great Tuscan Cutting Board which sums up the excellences of the tradition of our territory: cured meats, sausages, cheeses, in oil as well as jams and honeys to be accompanied by a rich selection of cheeses , all washed down with an excellent wine proposed by us.


Osteria Belgvardo

A place where the tradition of Tuscan cuisine and the search for sporadic regional evasions, supported by a passionate selection of raw materials, make Belguardo Osteria cuisine a point of reference for those who want tradition (Bistecca alla Fiorentina), quality of the raw material (Tartare di Manzo), regional selections (Cinte Toscane with knife) and evasions (fresh fish and Ossobuco alla Milanese)


Le Follie di Romualdo

Romualdo has selected only the best of the best from Naples, namely pizza and some fish dishes Pasta with meat sauce, meat sauce cooked slowly with traditional Italian methods. The two wood-fired ovens churn out both the classic pizzas and some specialties that highlight seasonal delicacies. The atmosphere is ideal for a romantic evening or for a dinner with friends. The restaurant is located on the other side of the river with lots of parking available along the road.


Mister pizza

Mister Pizza has two sales points: a central one in Piazza del Duomo, with seats both on the square and inside the room and the other in the Santa Croce area. Both are open until late at night, which makes them a point of reference also for those who are lurking and those who are caught by a sudden desire for pizza even after midnight, when the kitchens of pizzerias are generally closed. Pizzas can be eat at the table or take it away. The pizza is quite thin and well filled, the quality is definitely good and there is also a good selection of varieties. You can order gluten-free pizzas for coeliacs.


The Tarot

The I Tarocchi Pizzeria is located in the San Niccolò area. Well attended by local students for the affordable menu, it offers a simple and welcoming environment.
The pizza is very thin - with a cracker as a consistency - and well seasoned, both in terms of tomato sauce and other ingredients that are abundant but not excessive. The service is fast and normally the waiters speak more than one language. Although the menu is very varied, and in addition to pasta there are other pasta dishes, I have always eaten pasta - which is good - and tiramisu.


Berbere '

Their slogan says it all: Craft Pizza & Beer. If you are looking for something different regarding pizza in Florence, you have to try the Berberè gourmet pizza. The natural leavening of the dough requires 24 hours and the pizza dough is made with organic whole wheat or "ancient grains" like kamut, spelled , rye and Enkir which give the dough depth and added flavor. Every day there is also a special dough, with a slightly extra cost. Among the condiments there are less traditional ingredients such as spinach, radicchio Prosciutto Crudo di Parma and speck from Trentino, but you can also find the simple margherita pizza, perhaps with buffalo mozzarella.

Berbere Berbere1




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