What to see in Širvintos
Updated: 2022-10-28

Sirvintos is a city in the east of Lithuania, just 50 km from Vilnius. Sirvintos welcomes the guests of the city in an updated state: the central part of the city is equipped; lighting; pedestrian and bicycle paths are laid; an amphitheater and terrace is installed on the slope; fountains are beating. The town of Sirvintos is decorated with the Sirvintos pond, which has an area of 40 hectares and over which a pedestrian bridge has been built. Shirvintos is a cozy, calm, green, and full of art city. Upon arrival, you can take a pleasant walk, swim, have fun, and admire wooden sculptures. Various cultural events, festivals, and plein-airs of artists take place in the Shirvintossky district. Here you will find extraordinary entertainment, such as a walk through the marshes, dog sledding, and an educational program called "Flax Road." Visit estates in the Shirvintossky district, see wooden gods on the "Malinauskas Trail" and sculptures of goddesses, taste the mushrooms cooked there. There are several rural tourism estates on the riverbank, so extend your vacation by staying overnight.

Walking and cycling paths in the Sirvintos district

Residents of Shirvintos and guests of the city like to spend their free time in parks and on beaches in the vicinity of Sirvintos. In this city, the pedestrian and bicycle paths have been repaired and updated. The Youth Park beckons for romantic walks. The Moose Trail, which runs along the lagoon, is decorated with wooden sculptures of the symbol of the city - the King of Forests - so you can admire the works of art during a walk. Active recreation enthusiasts can try water-board riding, excellent kayaking routes along the Sirvint and Muse rivers, walking along tourist and educational trails, as well as pine forests in the Sirvintos area.


Kernave Cultural Reserve 

After arriving in the small town of Kernaves, located on the right bank of the Neris River, you can visit the State Cultural Reserve of Kernaves and admire the complex of archaeological monuments - a hillfort (Aucuro Kalnas), two forts (Mindaugos Sostas and Lisdeikas Kalnas), papilla (Pilies Kalnas), a foothill settlement and 3 cemeteries.

2.6 km of tourist and recreational trail "Come, man, I will silently hug you".

The trail is circular, it starts and ends in the recreation area "Balto Kalno". A beautiful view of the Neris opens up. The route is not difficult, it leads along a forest road straight for about half a kilometer. During a walk, you will reach the burial mounds where dead soldiers and local residents were buried in the 11th and 12th centuries. The trail is equipped with information stands, a puzzle board, an observation deck, benches, and stairs.


The youth park is a special place suitable not only for a quiet walk but also for a picnic. The harmony of the city and nature attracts residents of Sirvintov and city guests to relax here, admire the flower gardens, and drink coffee or tea. The park, located opposite the Church of the Archangel Michael, seems to take you to Italy. A year ago, repairs were carried out in the youth garden: new paths were laid, lighting was installed, and a rock garden was installed. The newlyweds leaving the church and everyone who wants to celebrate their marriage are greeted by the decoration of the garden - the rotunda, decorated with the words of the outstanding poet, playwright, and public figure Justinas Marcinkevicius. People like to spend their free time here: meetings, cultural events, dates, and marriage ceremonies are organized.


On the "Malinauskes Trail" in Ciobiskis you will see about half a dozen wooden carvings of gods and goddesses created by the folk artist and founder of this park Povilas Malinauskas. After taking a walk and enjoying the harmony of art and nature, stop at the bakery of his wife Lyudmila "Rieshutėlis" to taste the pastries of the Shirvintai region.

"Moose Trail'' is located on the shore of the Sirvintu pond. You will see wooden moose sculptures created by the best wood carvers in Lithuania. At the beginning of the park there is an elk, created by Kestutis Norushis, the founder of the park, a folk artist of the Sirvint region. The moose carving was not chosen by chance - it is a symbol of Sirvintos. The trail is also suitable for peaceful walking and running. On the "Moose Trail'' there is an information stand, a cozy island where you can not only take a breath, but also listen to the legend of the founding of the city, Lithuanian fairy tales.


Water activities in the Sirvintos district

There is a lot of entertainment for water lovers in the Sirvintos district. The Sirvintos River flows through the Sirvintos Pond, which is dammed in the center of the city and forms the Sirvintos Pond. Next to it, there are recreation areas: a terrace on the water and a beach. There is a renovated volleyball court on the beach, and there is a children's playground with a water slide. Wakeink Waterboarding Park entices visitors with exciting activities such as water trampolines, water boards, boats, water bikes, and kayaks. Here you will have a nice time with your family or friends. There is a beach cafe equipped with sun loungers to soak up the sun.

The renovated recreation areas attract people to rest and children to splash in the water. Kayaking enthusiasts like the bends of the Sirvintos and Muse rivers. During the voyage, you will have to overcome various obstacles and get acquainted with the natural monuments of the Sirvintos district.


There is a walking path around the pond for pleasant walks. The path is adapted for people with disabilities. Next to it are outdoor exercise equipment, recreation areas, and a square with musical fountains.

Čiobiškio ferry. There is a unique non-motorized ferry in Čiobiškes that can transport not only a large group of people but also 1-2 cars across the Neris River to the Kaišiadoris area. The current ferry has been operating since 1978 and is owned by the same family despite the war and its aftermath. The ferry floats with the help of the current of the river and the rope. This crossing is a monument of Lithuanian technology, so crossing to the other side of the river is a must.

Kayaking: swimming on the Muse and Sirvintos rivers. The  Muse River is well known to kayakers. Floating along the turbulent current, you have to overcome a number of obstacles: the remains of watermills, trees. While sailing on the Musa River, visit the Bajoriškio Manor Palace, the remains of the Bajoriški mill, the Barbora chapel, the Janioni and Rowing mounds, and the Čiobiškis water mill. The Sirvintos River is the longest and most beautiful tributary of the Sventoji. The river is winding, with a number of sharp turns and various obstacles: large stones, shallows. High cliffs, places damaged by corrosion, make an impression when swimming. The banks of the river are sparsely populated and ideal for camping. While swimming, visit the Lapsiai manor palace, Maskoliski and Pasodninkai barrows.

Places to visit and educational programs

Not only guests, but also residents of Sirvintos can have a great time and discover new places and entertainment in the Sirvintos region. Here you will find 50 archaeological, 16 architectural, 15 historical, 78 fine art monuments, and 18 estates. After visiting, you will hear interesting stories and expand your knowledge. In the Sirvintsi region, you can experience extraordinary adventures in exceptional places.

The Archaeological Museum of Kernavė. You will get acquainted with the archaeological site of Kernavė, the works of archaeologists, finds and research. The modern exposition is interesting for everyone who is interested in the history and archeology of the region.

The Sculpture Studio of Henriko Orakausko - Gallery "The Well"

In Kernavė you can visit the art gallery founded by the sculptor Henrikas Orakauskas. It presents sculptures made of wood, marble, metal, drawings, photographs of large objects, awards and other works of the artist. You can admire not only the exposition of the gallery, but also the farmhouse decorated with artistic accents.

Participants of educational programs can get acquainted with the history of sculpture and the materials used by sculptors, and see how works of art are born. Exhibitions of the most famous artists of the country, classical music concerts, presentations of new music albums are held here.


An exhibition of sculptures by Ipolito Užkurnis

The exposition of the works of Ipolito Užkurnis, created in Kernavė, includes wooden sculptures, busts, paintings, picture frames, a chest, and other works of the artist. Here you can also see the tools of the carver and his literary heritage. The exposition is constantly replenished, so visitors are in for surprises every time.


Medieval entertainment in the "Viking Village". Surrounded by nature, the goal is to create an environment that is reminiscent of the old days. Having been here, you will get acquainted with the life, crafts and entertainments of ancient life.

Dog sledding. When you come to have fun, you will get acquainted with Siberian Huskies, selection, inventory, training. A fun walk along the forest paths in the Kernavė region is a rare occurrence in Lithuania. There is a gazebo, a fireplace, and barbecues, so you can organize an impressive picnic.

Horseback riding. The Kernavė stables offer horseback riding in the Kernavė forests, carriage rides in summer or sleigh rides in winter. Horseback riding through forests and meadows, day and night hikes, outdoor festivals, and photo shoots are organized. You can have a good time and get to know the surroundings, and the impressions will remain for a very long time.

Swamp hikes. There are a few places in Lithuania where you can sink up to your neck in mud. Thrill-seekers come to the Sirvint region in search of adrenaline, which they find on a hike through sticky mud. Making your way through the swamp is an unforgettable adventure. You will test yourself, learn vigilance and endurance. There are many fun places on the track: a mud puddle, a dirty corridor between trees. This is great entertainment for companies of friends, colleagues, stag and hen parties.

Educational program "Flax road". You will see an exsposition of flax processing, hear a story about the history, benefits and production of this fabric. In August, the traditional annual Flax Festival takes place, during which the residents of Sirvinta and guests of the city are delighted with the concert and the farmer's market.



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