What to do in Palermo?
Updated: 2020-03-06
  • Cathedral of Palermo
  • catacombs of the Capuchin
  • Genius rooms
  • The Pretoria fountain
  • Teatro Massimo
  • The Norman Palace
  • Regional gallery
  • Modern art gallery
  • The market
  • Street foof
  • Cannolo
  • Arancini
  • English garden
  • Mondello beach
  • Cefalu` beach

It is a wonderful city, full of monuments, churches, works of art. In short, Palermo, like Naples, is a sociological puzzle and yet a beautiful city to visit. Even the historic city center has been declared a UNESCO heritage site. 

The Cathedral of Palermo

The cathedral is the main place of Catholic worship in the city of Palermo. It is dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary Assumed into Heaven. Here are the remains of the Sicilian royals, including Frederick II and Roger II, and those of the Santa Rosalia, patron saint of the city. 


Catacombs of the Capuchins

We must have courage and not fear to enter and see this macro show but at the same time interesting. A unique cultural heritage of its kind that in many centuries of history has attracted and fascinated onlookers from all over the world, including many intellectuals, poets and writers. Countless corpses are displayed in the cemetery of the Capuchin friars. 


Genius Rooms

The museum house is housed in the seventeenth-century salons of the noble floor of Palazzo Torre Piraino, the main salons preserve the flooring and the original frescoes of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The main collection is a collection of ancient majolica with almost 5000 specimens of Neapolitan and Sicilian origin, from a period of time between the end of the fifteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. 


The Pretoria Fountain

And it is right in the center of Piazza Pretoria that you have to admire the Pretoria fountain. The scenographic fountain has an elliptical plan and three concetriche basins as well as numerous statues representing pagan divinities, allegories of the four rivers of Palermo, sea monsters, animal heads and nymphs. 


Teatro Massimo

In Palermo it is really worthwhile to enter the Teatro Massimo if you want to see the Liberty-style Palermo at close quarters. It is the largest opera theater building in Italy, and one of the largest in Europe. Representative rooms, halls, galleries and monumental staircases surround the theater itself, forming an architectural complex.


 The Norman Palace

You should also to visit the Norman Palace, the oldest royal residence in Europe that  once housed sovereigns of the Sicily. Considered a pride on the part of the population for its interior richness and its architectural beauty. Today it is the seat of the Sicilian Regional Assembly whose first call was by the Norman king Roger II of Altavilla in 1130.



 Regional Gallery

To learn more anout culture there is the museum inside the Abatellis Palace. There are older works, architectural elements in wood with geometric patterns. Among the most important works are: the fresco the Triumph of death, the Annunciation by Donatello di Messina. It has an important collection of paintings, statues and frescoes.


 Modern Art Gallery

For art lovers you can take a tour of the Modern Art Gallery, a civic museum in the old town of the Palermo. The museum complex consists of two buildings joined together in historical times. The gallery exhibits works by important artists such us: Giovanni Boldini, Emilio Greco, Antonio Leto, Vincenzo Ragusa, Mario Rutelli, Aleandro Terzi.


 The Ballarò Market

In Palermo it is necessary to go around the market, one of the largest and the most tipycal of the city. We find the best products from all over Sicily, including fruit, vegetables, cheese and of course fish. In addition to food stalls, you can also find dishes, electronic products and many other cheap things. 


Street Food

Palermo is the Italian capital of street food, with a dedicated event in the year of the Expo. We must taste the sandwich with the spleen, the sfincione, the veal guts, the fried crushed chickpea flour. They are not just dishes but are tipycal of the tradition that made history. 


Sicilian cannolo

You cam mot go to Sicily and do not to eat the cannolo. It is a fundamental step. It consists of a waffle of fried dough and a filling made from sheep's milk ricotta. One of the absolute sweets in Sicily and one of the best known of Italian pastry. 


Sicilian arancini

Among the savory specialties while you have to eat the arancino. Arancini are a local dish in Sicily. They are stuffed fried and stuffed rice balls, with a mixture of meat and tomato sauce with mozzarella and peas. 


English Garden

If you want to relax in the middle of nature and admire a natural beauty here is the perfect park. Citizens come together to walk and chat in the shade of old trees. And it's nice to think that it was once the Sicilian nobility to reach these streets by carriage, for amorous or worldly encounters. n this English garden, history and culture can be felt in every place. Monuments to heroes, celebrations of military enterprises are placed in the center to remember them. And then the central fountain depicting children playing, is especially suitable in the summer to cool off. 


Mondello beach

This is synonymous with the sea for the people of Palermo thanks to the clear sand of its beaches and the rich offer of bars and restaurants. The perfect place even for a couple of hours, perhaps at the end of the day, after visiting the historic center or eating cannoli. 



Cefalù beach

Cefalù is one of the most beautiful towns in all of Sicily. And the beach, nestled between the houses, is no different: it is a stretch of sand of a kilometer, splendid even out of season for romantic walks. 






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