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Updated: 2020-12-07
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Kaliningrad region.

Kaliningrad region is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, the westernmost region of the country. Located in Central Europe. In the south it borders with Poland, in the north and east - with Lithuania. In the west it is washed by the Baltic Sea and its bays - the Curonian and Kaliningrad (Vistula). The area is 15 125 km². It is a semi-exclave of Russia since it does not have a common land border with its main territory but is connected to it by the sea. It has frost-free winters and moderately warm summers, beautiful nature and rich fauna. At any time of the year, people go to the Kaliningrad Region for effective spa treatment and a rich excursion program. In addition, some tourists come to spend the weekend in Kaliningrad: go shopping, visit a couple of restaurants, taste freshly brewed beer, and then plunge headlong into the vibrant nightlife. During the hot season, much is offset by the amazing beaches, which are made of soft sand, wide and have amazing dunes where you can sunbathe protected from the wind. There is a good, paved road along the whole coast, quite a lot of entertainment, accommodation and catering infrastructure.


How to reach the Kaliningrad region.

With a car or bus – through Lithuanian border or Poland border. With airplane – via all countries, as you find it optimal. You can reach Kaliningrad region via train also from Lithuania or Poland. Also, there is a possibility to reach the country by the ferry through the Baltic sea. Overall, it is easily reachable, except the need to take care of a visa to enter the country, for all citizens of the world, exception is a Belarus citizen, they have agreement.

Kaliningrad is one of the 25 largest industrial centers in Russia. Was recognized as the best city in Russia in 2012, 2013 and 2014 according to the rating of the magazine "Kommersant Secret Firmy". The most beautiful city in the country, according to RBC. The best city in Russia for business according to the Forbes magazine rating. There are museums in Kaliningrad (the World Ocean, the Amber Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Historical and Art Museum. One of the largest and oldest zoos in modern Russia. In the center of the city there is a brick Gothic cathedral. Until 2010, Kaliningrad had the status of a “historical city”. In 2018, the city hosted the matches of the FIFA World Cup.

What to do in Kaliningrad city?

Visit the museums.

Königsberg Amber Museum - This art depository was inaugurated in 1979, to become Russia’s first and only Amber Museum. Located in the center of Kaliningrad on the Verkhneye Lake shore, it is housed in a fortress tower dating from the mid-nineteenth century. The Museum exposition occupies three floors with a total space of 1,000 square meters. Thematically, it consists of two sections: one is devoted to science – natural history and geology and the other – to history and culture of amber. In the Museum there are several amber shops with really good price for everything, also, near the entrance you can find several souvenir shops.


Visit the museums - one of the exhibitions at the amber museum. Recommended to visit for everyone. Suggest taking a guide.

World-Ocean museum - The museum embankment of the historical fleet is a unique structure in Russian maritime museum practice. The following vessels are moored at the museum quay: the Vityaz, the largest research museum ship in the world; the only post-war museum submarine afloat in Russia; the Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev, uniquely designed for space communication and currently housing a museum exposition onboard; and the SRT-129, the only fishing trawler in Russia. The embankment has stretched over to Saint-Petersburg, where the Krasin, the oldest and only museum icebreaker in Russia is moored. The history of exploration and development of the World Ocean is presented onboard the museum ships. The coastal museum complex in Kaliningrad includes the main building and The World of the Ocean, A Glimpse… — an exposition containing amazing saltwater aquariums, collections of seashells and corals, geological and paleontological exhibits, as well as the biggest skeleton of a cachalot in Russia. No need of taking a guide, very interesting and innovative museum for all ages, a lot of interactivities and expositions, will take a half of a daytime to explore everything.


Visit the museums - the biggest skeleton of a cachalot in Russia, one of the main exhibition halls.

Kaliningrad Regional Museum of Fine Arts – The only universal museum of national and foreign fine art in the region, without which the successful positioning of the Kaliningrad region in the European and Russian cultural context and tourism business is impossible. There are presented works of official and alternative art of Russian artists of the 50-90s. XX century, modern graphics by artists of Russia and the Baltic region, works of Kaliningrad artists, glass and ceramics of Russia 60-90 years of XX century, modern folk crafts of Russia, works of fine art of East Prussia.


Visit the museums - entrance to the regional museum of fine arts, very old statues of lions.

Sightseeing in Kaliningrad city.

Fish Village - Historical, ethnographic and trade and craft complex in Kaliningrad. It is a city quarter built up with modern buildings in the architectural style of the pre-war East Prussian city of Königsberg. The first stage of the complex was built in 2006-2010. It is the "pearl of the city", a favorite vacation spot for townspeople and tourists. In addition to admiring architecture and nature, climb the Lighthouse tower (133 steps) for a bird's eye view of the spire of the Cathedral. Rub the beak of an iron gull for good luck or take a boat ride on the Pregola River, on the banks of which the Fish Village is located. Look at the shopping arcade to buy yourself some amber or other souvenirs and relax with a cup of coffee in one of the many establishments.


Sightseeing in Kaliningrad city - view from the boat ride at Pregola river, at Fish Village. Recommend for visiting it at the evening, beautiful view, romantic atmosphere.

Königsberg cathedral - The Dome Cathedral of Our Lady and St. Adalbert is an inactive cathedral located in the historical district of Kaliningrad - Kneiphof (now officially referred to as "Immanuel Kant Island"), one of the insular parts of the former East Prussian city of Königsberg. The Cathedral, built in the brick (Baltic) Gothic style, is one of the few Gothic buildings in Russia. Currently, the cathedral is one of the symbols of the city of Kaliningrad.


Sightseeing in Kaliningrad city - Königsberg Cathedral and the Imannuel Kant Island around.

Kaliningrad Zoo - The Kaliningrad Zoo is one of the three historical zoos in Russia (along with the zoos of Moscow and St. Petersburg). It is located on the territory of the former Königsberg Zoo, which was founded by Hermann Klaass, a German entrepreneur in 1896. Kaliningrad withdrew after the capitulation of German troops in 1945. Now, the Kaliningrad Zoo covers an area of 16.37 hectares. The collection includes 2,068 animals of 288 species. Very beautiful park, lots of activities, cafes, snack bars, souvenir shops.


Sightseeing in Kaliningrad city - one of the animal livers at the zoo, beautiful elephant, which as employees says: “sings” for people that come.


Parks in the Kaliningrad city.

Youth park Kaliningrad - The Yunost Culture and Leisure Park is one of the parks in Kaliningrad. Located in the Leningradsky district of the city, next to the Verkhniy lake. Today it is a large all-year-round complex with an area of ​​7.1 hectares and one of the main attractions of Kaliningrad. The park has a green walking area, attractions, a Ferris wheel, a family restaurant "Hey Giovanni!" and mini-cafe, go-carting, 5D cinema, boat station, indoor winter skating rink "Ice Arena", rope town "Rainbow", pneumatic shooting range "Limontir", Mirror labyrinth, attraction "House upside down", pavilion "Bolid", where you can drive mini-cars, a pool with water balls, "Rybalochka" playground. The park also houses a monument to internationalist soldiers, erected in 1998, and the Center for the Development of Interpersonal Communication, which is essentially a center for children's creativity. Park "Yunost" lives a rich cultural life: children's parties, gala concerts, folk festivals, theatrical performances, exhibitions, master classes, and music festivals are regularly held in the park.


Parks in the Kaliningrad city - ferris wheel with the beautiful panorama at the top of it.


Upper Pond park Kaliningrad - The Upper Lake (Upper Pond) is in the center of Kaliningrad; it is one of the oldest man-made structures in the city. There is an embankment around the lake with infrastructure for recreation of adults and children. There are also paths for more active recreation - jogging and cycling. There is a rental of children's electric cars, velomobiles for single and family riding. Fans of extreme types of entertainment should visit the local skate park. There are comfortable benches for relaxation, some are in rather secluded places, which is especially important for lovers of peace and quiet relaxation. The bridges were also repaired, from which it is convenient to admire the beauty of the reservoir and observe its inhabitants - ducks and swans. At the boat station, you can rent a catamaran and ride on the Upper Lake, some have an original design in the form of cars. You can buy drinks and food at catering points, there is also a cafe on the embankment, one of the most popular is the “Ogonyok” grill cafe, which offers beautiful views. The length of the Upper Lake is about 900 meters; possible to get around the lake park, moving at a measured pace, in an hour and a half.


Parks in the Kaliningrad city - view from observation deck at the middle of the Upper Lake park.


Central Park (Kaliningrad) - The current Central Park consists of the pre-war Luisanval Park and the third Altstadt cemetery. On the territory of the park there is a church dedicated to Queen Louise, built in 1899-1901. Now the church houses the Kaliningrad Regional Puppet Theater. There are also several monuments in the park: Monument to Vladimir Vysotsky; Monument to Baron Munchausen. Also preserved (in a damaged form: the bust of the queen and the decorative colonnade were lost) the open gazebo-semi-rotunda of Queen Louise, created in 1874 by Christian Rauch. Now the park has a lot of entertainment for children and adults, many cafes.


Parks in the Kaliningrad city - monument to Vladimir Vysotsky at the Central Park.


Entertainment in Kaliningrad city.

The luxurious castle hotel "Nesselbeck" - will amaze guests with its splendor and special atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The hotel is in the Kaliningrad region, in a picturesque area near Kaliningrad and not far from the Khrabrovo airport. "Nesselbek" is a castle built according to all the canons of architecture of that era and differs from other hotels in the Kaliningrad region with a unique interior: it seems that warm red brick walls are still since then they have kept the secrets of the Teutonic Order. Restaurant-brewery "Nesselbeck" will delight you with mouth-watering dishes according to old recipes and delicious beer prepared in its own brewery. Hotel "Nesselbeck" is pleased to offer its clients unique spa services. The range of services includes many procedures, including a unique procedure for wrapping beer grains. The Museum of Medieval Torture and Punishment is opened in the “Nesselbeck” Castle and is the only such museum in the Kaliningrad region. There are also knightly shows on the territory.


Entertainment in Kaliningrad city - castle hotel with a museum and tasty restaurant, spa complex and entertainment for whole family.


“Manhattan” bowling club - The Manhattan bowling alley is a little further from the city center, but worth visiting it. The Manhattan Club, operating since 2005, was originally opened as the largest billiard club in the city with 18 tables of Russian billiards, American pool, snooker and bowling. The club also has a restaurant with live music, European, American and Asian tasty cuisine, good atmosphere and nice design.


Entertainment in Kaliningrad city - “Manhattan” bowling club building famuos sculpture.


What to eat in Kaliningrad city.

Kaiser Wurst - The first Königsberg restaurant. Here you can taste the best dishes from Germany and ancient Königsberg. A large selection of sausages of our own production, always fresh German beer and radlers. On Fridays from 19:00 Königsberg evenings are held with performances by local musicians and a 10% discount on the Königsberg menu. The café has a souvenir shop where you can buy products from local artists and artisans. Recommended to taste sausages which called in the menu: “Bavarian sausage pan”.


What to eat in Kaliningrad city - “Bavarian sausage pan” at Kaiser Wurst. The dish is presented on the photo.


“Sink factory of Ivan Rakovar” - No. 1 in Russia among all sink restaurants, both in terms of the number of open points and cities of presence. This place is rated with 5 stars. You can try out here sea food, the best in town crayfish. Very delicious and recommended, also when you eat there you get all the instructions and even skirting with the big and fun picture of crayfish on it.


What to eat in Kaliningrad city - definately, one of the crayfish dishes in the restaurant with a good drink, one of the dishes at “Sink factory of Ivan Rakovar” is presented on the photo.


What else to visit and see in Kaliningrad region?

Curonian Spit - One of the main visiting cards of the region and one of the most visited national parks in Russia is the Curonian Spit. This is a narrow strip of land between the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon. From one side it is washed by a fresh bay, from the other - by a salty sea. Here you can see high dunes and perennial forests, admire the surface of the lake, taste (and take with you) fish, which until recently splashed in the water. Kos is perfect for relaxing from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoying the clean air and natural beauty.


What else to visit and see in Kaliningrad region - view to the Baltic sea at the one of the plenty forests at Curonian spit.


West of Russia – Baltiysk.

An excellent opportunity to visit the westernmost point of the country - Baltiysk! For a long time, it was a closed city, but today guests of the region can look at the city of military sailors, stroll along its mall and embankment, where ships are at the berths. See the architectural monuments of the 19th and 20th centuries: the symbol of the city is the Lighthouse, the oldest in the region (1831), the Reform Church (1866), the barracks of the imperial period of 1904-1908, and also tourists should try to redirected by boat to the other side of the Curonian Spit and see the real beauty of nature.


What else to visit and see in Kaliningrad region - curonian spit at the side of Baltiysk, beautiful coast view sunset.


Zelenogradsk - an ideal city for walking.

The most interesting attraction of the city is the Krantz water tower. This is his symbol, which is a real work of art. The tower was built in 1904 and has become a prominent representative of historical eclecticism. Climbing up, you can appreciate the views of the city, dotted with trees. There is also the “Murarium”, a cat museum that children will surely enjoy. The Transfiguration Cathedral, which was previously called the Church of St. Adalbert, is built of red brick. Of course, sea and coast, with a promenade nearby is a must see at the town.


What else to visit and see in Kaliningrad region - romantic promenade at the Zelenogradsk city.


Svetlogorsk city is a resort famous throughout Russia.

In Svetlogorsk, you can not only improve your health and engage in recreational tourism. It is worth visiting the city for its beautiful sights. One of these is the Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov. Previously, it was a church, now the building serves as an Orthodox church. Of no less interest among tourists is the water tower, which can be safely included in the TOP of the most famous engineering structures in Europe. The water tower is unique in that it represents the Prussian style. It is considered the most amazing and complex of all that were built in East Prussia. It is worth taking a ride on the cable car. Small trailers with open windows allow you to see the beauty of nature. The elevator is a very romantic pastime.


"The best resort on the Baltic Sea" - this is how it is described, Neikuren (Pionersky town).

The city of Pionersky is better known as the city where the fishing port (sprats from Pionersky) is located and as the current residence of the President (full name is the State Residence "Yantar" of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation "). Today Pionersky differs from other coastal towns in that it combines an industrial-part (ice-free fishing port and many other enterprises) and a recreational area. Here is the only federal children's orthopedic sanatorium in Russia. Pionersky is primarily a resort with a wonderful promenade and a nice beach.


What else to visit and see in Kaliningrad region - residence of the President.


Yantarnyy - a village with such a sunny name is located on the western borders of Russia in the Kaliningrad region.

Its size is small, but it is unique. The village is famous for its amber production. The plant for the extraction and processing of this stone, located here, is the only one in the world. Therefore, the name of the village is fully justified. It is imperative to visit it while traveling around the region, and it is not only amber production. This cozy urban-type settlement has an interesting history and is now ready to offer its guests good service. Basically, in one day of your visit, you can walk along the local green streets, the promenade, as well as visit the Anna mine, study the museum's expositions and even get yourself amber. If only the "amber" part of the program suits you, then half a day is enough for this city.


What else to visit and see in Kaliningrad region - view of the Yantarnyy beach promenade, coast.

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