What to do in Cosenza
Updated: 2020-03-06
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The province of Cosenza is an Italian province of Calabria ,it is the largest province in Calabria ,with 710.189 inhabitants ,was the second province of southern Italy by extension,

facing west on the Tyrrhenia Sea and east on the Ionia Sea ,it borders to the north whit Basilicata (province of Potenza an Matera ) to the south with the province of Catanzaro and Crotone

How to get to Cosenza

You can arrive in Cosenza arriving at Naples airport ,then go on the A3 Salerno motorway to arrive in Reggio Calabria and take the cosenza exit and finally follow the directions to get to the city center.

 the plae of cosenza_maps

Telesio course and a main place of the old city in Cosenza

Which was primarily a place of commerce, and every street took the name of the business or product that was going to be sold later assumed the name of a Cosentino philosopher Bernardini Telesio currently a high school nearby we find a park and in the center in front of the building we find the statue of the philosopher.

telesio place in Cosenza

Place or museum bilotti in Cosenza

Place or museum Bilotti are works of art by the artist Carlo Bilotti at the municipality of Cosenza but there are also sculptures by high artists the path has been identified in progress mazzini and a path not only for sculptures but also for many shops who sell clothing, cosmetics, food and there are various bars .

piazza bilotti a plase in Cosenza    

wolf_of_sila      seven _hearts a monument in cosenza


Cosenza's national gallery

Cosenza's national gallery is housed in the arnone palace built in the sixteenth century inside we find works by two protagonists of the seventeenth century.

The Bretti and Enotry museum in Cosenza
In the museum the exhibition is divided between archeology and art to the interior there are 8 exhibits showing the works according to a chronological criterion
there are finds dating back to the people of Enotri, bruzi and also references to the Roman period of cosenza.

  the_bretti_and_enotri_museus place in Cosenza

Cosentine gastronomy

The Cosentine cousine is principalized from earth products such as meat, vegetables, cereals and the influence of sila for mushrooms (sila is very close to cosenza, a very nice place for grilling and skiing in winter).

The baccala alla Cosentina 

It is prepared with potatoes, black olives, tomato bay laurel sauce, crushed salt and pepper peppers and peppers.

   local food baccala_alla_cosentina in Cosenza  

Pasta and potatoes ara tijeddra Cosentina
Prepared with potatoes and peppers then there are also rigatoni with  past with smoked scarmonza tomato and cooked ham or smoked bacon among ,the vegetables of the kitchen is prepared the green branchy Calabrian broccoli obrccolo of turnip,
another typical dish is the wild chicory seasoned with calbrese olive oil
instead among the second courses we find lamb chops with tomatoes, green olives, onion oil .

gastronomy in Cosenza pasta_ad_potatopes _ara_tijeddra


And at finaly desserts such as turdiddri are fried desserts covered with fig honey and sugar, another fried dessert .

tudiddri local food in Cosenza

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