Top festivals in Catalonia
Updated: 2020-03-06
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In Catalonia many festivals are held every year but the most anticipated by all are those 
held in summer, then we will show you the best festivals of classical music, pop music,
rock music and electronic music.

-Acampada Jove
It is a political-musical festival and one of the biggest festivals of Catalan music organized
by the Republican Esquerra Youngsters, who are a protest group of Catalonia that fights
for freedom.
This year is celebrated the 24th anniversary of this festival on July 18, 19 and 20, 2019
in Montblanc.

-Mercat de la Musica Viva de Vic
The Live Music Market of Vic is a professional meeting point that brings together all sectors
of the music industry.
Since 1989, every year and for four days, Vic agents from all areas of music come from all 
over the world to meet new proposals, attend forums, exchange knowledge and buy and sell music. It is one of the biggest festivals since hundreds of international artists come from any musical
style and from any continent.

-Sons del Mon
It is a collection of concerts held in summer in the town of Roses (Girona) between the
Ciutadella de Roses and the Plaça de la Basilica de Castelló d'Empúries. An event that brings together the best national and international artists in a luxury
venue in the company of the best wine and cuisine in the area.

It is a festival that is celebrated in Figueras, where the most famous groups of Catalonia
and Spain participate. The festival lasts 3 days and during the day you can enjoy workshops for the whole family,
activities for children and an excellent and varied selection of the best gastronomy of Catalonia.

El Vida, is a festival that tries to put together the most beautiful that Vilanova i la Geltru has. 
There is a careful selection of the artists that make up the poster. All have in common the
authenticity of their proposal, whether they have a great track record that supports them or
their potential and projection.

-Canet ROCK
Canet ROCK arrives this year to its 5th edition already consolidated and with desire and
audience for many more editions. The festival is over 2018 the number of Canet ROCK
editions of the 70's, the mythical festival that saw it was born, emerged from the protest and
the conquest of freedom. And he does it with a great poster, headed by the best bands of the
time of the Catalan Countries like Macaco, La Root, Los Catarres, Los Amigos de las Artes
and Txarango. In total a fortnight, some of which will be revealed later.
-Banc Sabadell Vijazz Penedès
This festival brings together the best Jazz musicians while combining with a gastronomic 
fair of wine and champagne. This is done since the year 2007 and the participants affirm that
it is a festival with a lot of class


-Sons Solers
This festival offers the public: -The incomparable setting of Finca Mas Solers, surrounded by forests and idyllic gardens,
promotes respect for nature. -High quality music made in Catalonia and with very different styles. -The format and the spaces allow attendees to connect and interact with all the bands. -A great opportunity to taste the excellent gastronomic offer of Finca Mas Solers. -We bet on quality above quantity.
After breaking the look, the most appropriate version of the era returns. The electronic age opens the foundation season in the best possible way with a sign associated
with the maintenance of its distinctive concept "Fiesta de Rally Rural". The party returns and becomes stronger than ever, growth on request but maintaining its
approximate character. Ideal place like most gas cans, Aurorababa is more than an electronic tip.

-Festival de Cap Roig
This festival is based on an outdoor stage with a capacity for 2,118 spectators, which brings
together the best artists from the world of music in an impressive natural setting of 17
hectares of oceanfront space in one of the most important botanical gardens in the Mediterranean.

-Festival Castell de Peralada
It is a festival in which the greatest dancers of classic dances like the ballet meet, from all
Catalonia and Spain, including some from France. You can also enjoy shows and plays and eat at its luxurious restaurants.

-Festival de la musica de Cambrills this festival, the leading voice is pop rock Spanish and English, if you want to enjoy
the most listened to music this is the best festival you can find.
If you are passionate about music in this festival, you will sing all kinds of singer-songwriters, 
including new possible promises of music that are still to be discovered, do not miss it.

-Festival de la musica de Cadaques this festival you can enjoy the most traditional music of Catalonia and its culture,
be it musical, gastronomic or architectural. It is the perfect place for a week of culture and art,
and of course for all ages.
If you want to learn about Catalonia, this is the perfect place do not miss it.

-Arts d'Estiu
The Summer Village of ARTS is the bet that is made from the festival to offer a new experience
beyond concerts and shows. It is a space with a pleasant atmosphere, small format performances,
and a varied gastronomic offer with foodtrucks and local restuarants for dinner and having a
drink before or after each concert.

-Festival Porta Ferrada
Porta Ferrada is a festival that has it all, from the best Spanish singers, the best performers 
of classic and modern movies and fantastic plays for any age, even for children.
All this accompanied by bars, which you can eat food and vevida to enjoy the maximum of the show.

-Bio Ritme
BioRitme is a space to share music from around the world, committed, critical and constructive
music of a better world. Each artist is capable of transmitting values ​​and we are all part of
this joint experience. We love living music from the bottom of it, enjoying not only playful but
also as a constructive element.


-Concerts Al Forum Roma
Concerts at the Roman Forum, is the name that consolidates the musical proposal of summer
in the Ruinas de Empúries. It has organized a total of 25 concerts that have been able to enjoy
more than 20,000 people. This year and after the good response from the public in the past
editions, the 2019 program is presented.

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