TOP 10 Places to Visit at Budapest
Updated: 2020-03-06
  • Budapest Buda castle
  • top5_bestdishes in Budapest goulash
  • Budapest City Market Hall
  • Budapest thermal baths
  • Budapest Coast of Danube
  • Budapest fishermans bastion
  • Budapest parliament

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. Many tourists are allured by its architecture, entertainments, cuisine and also that it is easy to reach. It is possible to come here by plain or by a train, also arrival is very convenient by developed highways.

Budapest is known since the ancient times. The first dwellers were celts, who named the city Ak - Ink (infinite waters), mostly because of the abundant thermic sources. Romans entitled the city Aquincum, it was the capital of province of Panonia. The city was as developed as the other cities of the Roman Empire, it had public bathhouses, amphitheatre, dwellings had central heating. Remains of the Romanian city are open to visitors.

Budapest is a combination of three cities - Buda and Obuda on the left side, and Pest on the right. Officially these cities were combined to one at 1872, becoming the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary.

Budapest Buda castle

What is worth visiting at Budapest

Thermal Baths of Budapest

Thermal sources were the attraction point since foretime. In 1934 Budapest was bestowed the title of a spa city. Three years later the first Balneological congress and the International Balneology Association seat was founded in the thermal baths of Gelerto. There are 15 public thermal baths working in Budapest, not including private baths, that are working at such hotels as Ramada Plaza, Thermal Hotel Margitsziget, Corinthia Royal.

The Buda Castle

One of the most spectacular structures in Budapest is the Buda Castle. Based high on the slope of Danube, this castle of Hungarian kings is observable from various places of Budapest. This castle was built by King Béla IV of Hungary between 1247 and 1265. In the 15 century the Emperor of the Holy League King Louis I built the most supreme Gothic palace of the Middle ages. At the end of the 15 century the palace were reconstructed a renaissance. In 1686 the fortress was markedly damaged after Budapest's liberation from turks. In the 18 century the palace were reconstructed and new, palatial premises were apposed.

Also one of the most astounding buildings - The Fishermen's Bastion - was built in 1902. From there you can see a fascinating panorama, that includes the Parliament, Danube, and almost all Budapest itself.

Budapest fishermans bastion

Through the promenade of Danube on foot

From the both sides of Danube there is a perfectly fitted promenade for the pedestrians. From the coast of Danube you can overlook the buildings on the other shore, such as Buda Castle, the Parliament, Gellert's Hill. On the way there are many amusements: you can visit a thermal bath, have lunch or a cup of coffee at an outdoor coffeehouse, and just enjoy the view of this remarkable city.

Budapest Coast of Danube

Central Market Hall

Everyone is amused by the size of the Central Market Hall of Budapest. Marketplaces are located on three floors. Mostly there are offered agricultural commodities, but anyhow at the Central Market Hall you can find almost anything your heart desires, starting from wine, to traditional souvenirs. Prices vary depending on the tradespeople. For example, peaches of the same size can cost 2 euros at one marketplace, and 1 euro at another.
At the market hall there is a huge assortment of traditional Hungarian meat products. Hungarian sausages are very spicy, because they are repleted with paprika, which gives the specific colour.

Budapest City Market Hall

The fish pavilion is in the basement, there you can also find pots of various capacities for cooking goulash.
Traditional Hungarian outfits are on the second floor 
When autumn is approaching, you can purchase Hungarian truffles. Hungarian scientists claim that their truffles are tantamount to Italian black and white truffles. Prices are 100 euros for black, and 300 euros for white truffles per kilo.

Cookery of Budapest

National Hungarian cuisine is inseparable from paprika. Sausages,that are colored with spicy peppers, goulash cannot be imagined without grind pepper. Traditional dishes are spicy, outstanding variety of flavours. It is a must to try a traditional goulash at Hungary, it can be found at any cookshop.


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