The best restaurants in Reggio Calabria
Updated: 2020-03-06
  • Pizza Rome
  • Spaccanaopoli
  • Baylik
  • Piro Piro
  • The Ducal
  • Good Calabria
  • Boat and stands up
  • Under the stars
  • Taste workshop
  • The creels
  • Enough_beer
  • Ciroma
  • The veranda of the holiday maker
  • The 100 taste wine cellar
  • The ribellious moon
  • Aroma bistro

Rome Pizza

Pizza Roma uses ingredients respecting the seasonality to offer a wide variety of flavors to enjoy a pizza that is always hot and fragrant. From the traditional margherita, to the delicate one with the courgette flowers, with spicy salami and parmesan, up to the particularly tasty salami and honey or broccoli and sausage or to the pizza with potatoes. 



A place where good Calabrian cuisine and Neapolitan pizza meet, giving life to a reality full of quality. Quality products, seasonal cuisine and traditional recipes. The ingredients are those typical of the territory, the dishes change according to the seasons to always use fresh products. Various types of dough are used. 


Restaurant Baylik


It offers a typically Italian cuisine based on fish and seafood, which arrive fresh during the day. It is the restaurant par excellence of all Reggio Calabria. It guarantees excellent quality fish, cooked in the simplest way to enhance its scent and sweetness. A destination for celebrities of the show. Reported by the best Italian and foreign tourist guides such as Michelin, Gambero Rosso, Guida dell'Espresso and others. The wine list contains the most important national and foreign labels. 


Piro Piro

It is an elegant, sophisticated and elegant Restaurant and Lounge Bar. The ideal place to relax. A good pizza to enjoy outdoors on the beautiful sea view. Used are fresh and genuine products with high digestibility.


The Ducal

It is in classic style and has a wonderful panoramic view of the Ionian Sea. The menu is Mediterranean and based on fish. It has good service and food too. Local wines.


Good Calabria

The restaurant brings the excellence of the Calabrese territory and its seas to the table. The main element of a perfect barbecued grilled is obviously the quality and freshness of the cuts of meat used. While only fish from the sea is used for fish. As much attention is paid to the wine list, with the selection of the best labels of Calabria, Sicily and Campania. 


Boat and Stands up

It is based on a cuisine of only fresh fish from its seas. The internal environment represents a square of fish, because there is a showcase of fresh fish and the seafood and shellfish tank. A large window overlooks the kitchen, from which it’s possible to see the chefs preparing the various specialties. 


 Under the Stars

It is a well-known restaurant where you can enjoy excellent local cuisine and delicious meat and fish dishes. A way to enhance typical local dishes with a modern reinterpretation of ancient traditional recipes.


 Taste workshop

A continuous search for local ingredients, using typical products of the highest quality, made by the best craftsmen and high quality ingredients. They offer a menu elaborated with seasonal products, alongside the classic one. 


 The Creels

It is the ideal place to enjoy menus based on fish specialties, a unique and exclusive environment to spend relaxing moments, romantic evenings, banquets, business meetings. It offers menus with dishes based on fresh local fish, accompanied by the best wine labels.


 Enough beer

It is the perfect place to enjoy a good pizza, very light and tasty like the Neapolitan one. They are kneaded with sourdough and cooked in a wood oven. You can also taste the best dishes of our cuisine, such as the tigelle the vegaburger and the fantastic buffalo. It is an exclusive venue for the brewing world, where you can find the best labels of Italian, German, European and whole world artisans! 



A pizzeria for those who want to appreciate a pizza prepared with quality ingredients and a careful selection of the best flours. Prepared and cooked in accordance with the Neapolitan tradition, with a high and soft dough inside, particularly rich in ingredients. You can choose which type of pizza to enjoy choosing from the dough and ingredients. 


The veranda of the holiday maker

You can taste fish based dishes, from appetizers to side dishes. The environment is welcoming and respects the Calabrian traditions both at the culinary level and at cordiality as only the Calabrians can do.  The dishes tell of a tasty journey through the flavors of sea and land. 


The 100 taste wine cellar

It is a warm and welcoming place, where a simple, traditional and genuine cuisine is hidden, ready to offer rich hors d'oeuvres, tasty first courses and a tasty grill. Among the specialties of the world of pizza you must absolutely taste the 100 tastes pizza. All accompanied by an excellent selection of draft beers without carbon dioxide, and local wines. 


The Ribellious moon

It is located on the magnificent scenery of the Lungomare Falcomatà of Reggio Calabria. We find the specialties of fish, fine wines, meat, but also pizza and products for celiacs. The restaurant can also host events such as receptions, birthdays, baptisms, communions and more. 


Aroma bistro

It is the ideal landing place for an evening of taste. A traditional cuisine from each region is proposed. We use fresh and first quality products to make a dish full of taste. A particular taste is given by the spices and herbs used. Among the wines there are the local, Italian and national ones.













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