The best restaurants in Bari
Updated: 2020-03-06
  • To Paradise
  • To the fisherman
  • Paolo restaurant
  • The lover gassa
  • To Raffaello
  • Bari-Naples
  • Casablanca
  • The wolves den
  • The harpies tavern
  • The jars
  • White flower
  • The Charm

To paradise

The kitchen offers only the best of the Bari tradition but also excellent baked pizzas. Specialties include risotto with pistachio sauce and red prawns, raw seafood, prawns, calamari, monkfish and then homemade desserts. All accompanied by white wine. 


To the fisherman

It offers a selection of fish dishes of exceptional freshness and quality, cooked with simplicity as in the tradition. The dishes are served in a refined environment, with vaulted ceilings, veranda and a fish counter. 


Paolo restaurant

In an air-conditioned environment, refined and elegant where you can taste delicious dishes from fish appetizers, sea urchins, traditional local pasta, meatballs and much more. All accompanied by the best wine labels. Ideal location for banquets, lunch breaks, dinners with friends.


The lover gassa

The restaurant is always looking for the typical ingredients of the territory such as wild vegetables, pasta and handmade bread, the carpaccio filleted at the moment. Of course, the mixed fish tartare, the sautéed crustaceans, the soups, the sauté, the consommé, the seafood can never be missing. 


 To Raffaello

They are baked from the wood-fired oven pizzas with light and inviting dough. All the ingredients are top quality and carefully selected to satisfy all customers. A refined, light and rustic gastronomy is proposed just like the environment.



It is one of the most known and esteemed in Bari. Pizzas with quality ingredients and different types such as the crunchy and light one of Bari, the Neapolitan and the one by the meter. Also recommended are freshly cooked spaghetti with different recipes, risotto, salads or hors d'oeuvres based on carpaccio and mushrooms. Another specialty is the "Chips", which are made with fresh potatoes, sliced very thin, fried at the moment and served hot.



Welcoming place specializing in typical Mediterranean dishes. It offers fish and seafood dishes. Octopus, black mussels, razor clams, sea truffles and much more are prepared every day. You can also enjoy a delicious pizza, prepared with local ingredients. They are found from the most classic to the most original pizza. All accompanied by national and international wines. 


The wolves' den

A warm and familiar environment, using only genuine products and always fresh, especially fish. The only specialty is the raw fish, such as octopus, sea urchins, carpaccio but also dishes like spaghettti with mussels, orechhiette with turnips or killer spas. It is also a pizzeria in fact delicious pizzas are prepared with equally fresh ingredients. 


The harpies tavern

It offers a simple cuisine with classic regional recipes and local towns. The products are those that can be easily found at the market fresh and genuine. The service is true and kind.


The jars

You'll find the freshest ingredients, fermented foods, innovative recipes and amazing techniques. There is also a vast wine list and aged spirits. The menu is sincere and sincere, there are seasonal vegetables, fresh local fish and selected meat. 


White flower

You can taste the typical dishes of the Apulian tradition, revisited in a modern key. The products are always fresh and in season. The room is characterized by shades of white and blue and stone arches to remind the colors of the area with elegance and simplicity. We propose the appetizers of land and sea, first courses of fresh pasta and main courses of fish and meat, to be enjoyed in a Mediterranean location.

Whie flower

The charm

 You can enjoy the breathtaking view with a drink accompanied by music from the rooms on the terrace. You can taste fish or meat dishes. The pasta is handmade like orecchiette or tagliolini, then the mixed grill of fish such as sea bass, sea bream, prawns. 











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