The best restaurants in Ancona
Updated: 2020-07-02
  • Old tavern
  • The pier
  • Emilia
  • Fish out of water
  • The old fishing
  • Good Good
  • The lock
  • Rapisarda house
  • The return
  • 30 knots
  • The hut
  • From Giacchetti

Old tavern

We offer excellent dishes such as shellfish, shellfish, brodetto all'anconetana, homemade pasta, grilled and fried fish and much more. It is a quiet and characteristic environment. All while enjoying a good glass of wine. The fish is always fresh and is prepared with quality ingredients.


The pier

You can taste the cuisine based on fresh fish: hors d'oeuvres, first courses, fries, roasts, soups and to order seafood crudités. The restaurant faces an enchanting view of the bay which is also ideal for ceremonies. The wine list is wide with the majority of local labels of the territory.


Emilia restaurant

The tables are placed on the veranda overlooking the bay and the sea. Unique of its kind is the mixed grill, cooked on the grill, next to the mixed fried foods of the Adriatic, moscioli al gratin and marinara, mixed boiled fish with mayonnaise. Even the desserts are homemade with genuine products. The cellar is made up of local red and white wines. 


Fish out of water 

It is one of the most pleasant, popular and popular places in the entire Riviera. t offers fish dishes. Among all stand out the Portonovo spaghetti with wild mosciolo, the chef's linguine with prawns, clams and fossa cheese, or the moscioli soup with croutons. The takeaway of the dishes also follows on the beach so you can enjoy relaxing in front of the sunset. 


 The old fishing

It offers a menu of the Ancona sea tradition. The restaurant on the palafitte that was once used to lower the particular fishing nets called "scales" to enjoy the barbecue. And the sea is so close that it almost wants to enter. It offers dishes to taste all the flavors of the Marche region. 


 Good Good

The environment is warm and familiar. With excellent quality dishes he wants to offer the right balance between tradition and creativity. The dishes prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients, such as vegetables, meats, cheeses, fish and more. While the wine list collects excellent regional and national labels. 


The lock

It offers dishes deeply linked to the tradition of good Marche cuisine. In addition to local meats there is also a selection of the best meats in the world. Among the fish-based dishes, stockfish, baccala, and fried fish are prepared. The products are all organic, in fact from the windows you can see the garden. 


Rapisarda house

The environment is a space to feel at ease while enjoying the dish of the restaurant. There are not only traditional dishes reworked but above all the rediscovery of the balance between raw materials and respect in cooking them. The menu is different for every season of the year. The wine list includes regional, national and foreign labels.


The return

There is a relaxing atmosphere, away from the noise and chaotic life in close contact with the sea, the environment, art, culture and history. The dishes reflect the tradition of the territory with products from their own farm or from other farms. The meats are chosen the best, the pastas are homemade like dolsi and vegetables are in season.


30 knots

Different recipes are offered every day, depending on the availability of fresh fish. The cuisine is linked to local tradition. You have to taste the Pepata with the Mosciolo Selvatico di Portonovo, the Padellata Rossa with the Ciavattoni alla egg or to book in advance specialties like the Brodetto with all'anconetana. On the wine list are all the Marche wines. 


The hut

The dishes are the result of a continuous search for quality ingredients and recipes capable of enhancing them where tradition and imagination go hand in hand. The cuisine is based on fish but there are also meat dishes and pizza cooked in a wood oven. The products are always fresh and of excellent quality. 


From Giacchetti

Fish is the protagonist of all the restaurant's dishes, in addition to the local tradition. You can eat both inside and outside the restaurant, on the terrace and in the summer even with candles under the stars not far from the sea. 





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