The best restaurant in Torino
Updated: 2020-03-06
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  • Consorzio
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  • La_Capannina
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Mare Nostrum

The Mare Nostrum restaurant is located in the center of Turin, here you will find fresh fish cooked to perfection in one of the best restaurants with seafood cuisine in Turin. The menu offers a good number of dishes, which change often to guarantee dishes made with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Excellent seafood appetizers, both hot and cold, and the wine list to accompany your favorite dishes with dignity.

Mare_Nostrum Mare_Nostrum1

Restaurant Pier 16

The restaurant proposes an ancient Mediterranean fish cuisine, so the restaurant sign says and it seems to us that the motto is superbly respected. The small restaurant, about thirty seats in all, located in the San Salvario area, near the Valentino Park, offers excellent quality cuisine. The fish fry made in a workmanlike manner and the octopus must be tasted very good. The dessert menu is also good, to end a delicious meal.

Molo_16 Molo16_

The anchor

The anchor is located in one of the most central squares of Turin is this excellent quality fish shop, restaurant and gastronomy. You can eat in the restaurant's internal dining room or in the outdoor area with a view of Piazza Solferino or opt for a dinner at home using the take-away service. Also available for lunch is the "fast lunch" option, which has a lower price. The raw materials are of great quality and the dishes prepared with competence.

L__ancora L__ancora

From Benito

The Ristorante da Benito is the first fish restaurant in Turin,
a historic place that for over fifty years has been offering a delicate and tasty seafood cuisine. The restaurant is located at the foot of the Alps, we eat fish as if we were at the sea. It offers numerous and varied dishes to choose from: shellfish (the restaurant offers a good and varied Plateau Royal), soups, carpaccio, first and then lobsters, prawns, sea bass and much more. The dessert menu is also good, including the "bounet all amaretto", a typical Piedmontese dessert made with eggs, sugar, milk, amaretti and rum.

Da_Benito Da_Benito

Al Grassi

Still a bit out of the center for another one of our favorite fish restaurants in Turin. Excellent appetizers of raw fish enriched with seasonings made with different extra virgin olive oils from various parts of Italy. The French oysters are also excellent and the wine list also contains fine bubbles. Not for nothing is called Al Grassi, Ristorante and Champagnerie.



Pasion is located right in San Salvario The five best grilled meat restaurants in Turin according to online reviews
an Argentinian restaurant where the meat is obviously, knowing the Argentine tradition absolute protagonist of the menu. The interiors carefully furnished with typical furniture and objects and the suggestive background music will give you the opportunity to eat in a typical and welcoming environment. A little corner of Argentina right in the center of Turin.

Pasion pasion1


This restaurant proposes a formula of increasing popularity (outside Turin, one of the first was Bistekka in Lombardore): a butcher counter from which you can choose the cut and the amount of meat you want, which is then taken and placed directly on the grill.

Griglio griglio_1

The House of the Demon

The restaurant is located in San Domenico in the historic center of Turin, offers salads and children's menus, but above all a rich grill menu for the barbecue. The peculiarity lies above all in the decor with dark tones and low lights decorated with skeletons and horror pieces.

La_casa_del_demone la_casa_del_demone1

Restaurant Trattoria Bel Deuit

This restaurant is located in the municipality of Baldissero Torinese, just outside Turin, and very close to the Basilica of Superga, one of the most important attractions in Piedmont. Here they serve typical Piedmontese cuisine revisited in a truly superb way. Lulled by the splendid panorama on Superga you can enjoy ravioli, tajarin, gnocchi, Piedmontese fry, cheese mousse and much more. The menu, traditional and innovative at the same time, varies its ingredients according to the season, but its goodness does not change


I Valenza

It is a Turin restaurant that offers typical cuisine and then there are those who, in addition to offering typical dishes, also offer the typical Piedmontese atmosphere of the past, a simple, genuine place, with the atmosphere of the old Turin trattorias. In this family run establishment you will find the typical dishes of the regional tradition and if you are lucky you will also find some improvised concertos by the local lords to end the evening in joy. Less expensive in the day than in the evening thanks to the proposed menus.

Valenza Valenza1

Consorzio Restaurant

The restaurant is located in the center of Turin serving typical Piedmontese cuisine. It offers many and delicious dishes that the restaurant offers including tajari, ravioli, risottos and agnolotti and then braised meats and cheeses. A special mention must be given to incredible and surprising desserts: fennel bavarian cream with apple and finocchini ice cream, cooked trio of panne and artisan mascarpone cream with Arabica powder and ladyfingers.


Gennaro Esposito

Gennaro Esposito is one of the historic Neapolitan pizzerias of the city of Turin ready to welcome you with many specialties of Neapolitan cuisine: pizza, calzones, fried foods and of course the typical sweets! For those looking for an evening of flavors and aromas of Naples in Turin this could be the right place.


Pizza Ad Hoc

Light and digestible dough, quality ingredients and some really special variations of pizza for this pizzeria in the center of Turin. The restaurant, a stone's throw from Piazza Vittorio and Via Po, is small and often full, so it's best to book. Also here a wide choice of traditional pizzas, ad hoc pizzas and special pizzas, and then farinate and focaccia. In summer the restaurant also has a dehor.

pizza_ad_hoc_1  pizza_ad_hoc

La Capannina

The restaurant offers specialties of Piedmontese cuisine on its menu and also a good pizza declined in various ways and with particular and quality ingredients. Moreover, for those who want, there is the possibility to request pizza with wholemeal dough. A little trick appreciated by those looking for a lighter dough.

La_Capannina la_capannina_pizza


CasaGoff is a bistro, a drink-bar, a restaurant-pub but perhaps more simply it is a place for socializing, where at every hour of the day you meet different people to whom it offers different things. It could also be reminiscent of a club or a club: for its open spaces and greenery which can be accessed from the long Po; for the elegance of the furnishings and environments, for the quality and variety of drinks and food offered.





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