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Updated: 2020-03-06
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Chinappi seafood restaurant in Rome

The restaurant serves dishes with abs of fish and that which has this resurgent as a reference point of the capital and its knowledge for the catch that arrives daily from the family fish market of the Pontine coast, the spirit of the place is manifested in the immediacy of flavors. The fish arrives from the family fish shop, the owner buys fish daily from the Formia auction from her sister's husband and the freshness and quality are guaranteed by a common family passion for the product.

 chinappi_1 chinappi

Mirabelle Mediterranean cuisine in Rome

One of the most appreciated features of the Mirabelle Restaurant is that it offers one of the most spectacular roof gardens in Rome. A gourmet terrace with a view that, starting from Villa Medici and Trinità dei Monti, reaches San Pietro and the Gianicolo. To frame this wonderful foreshortening there is an unbeatable welcome and a refined cuisine. The restaurant serves sea fish, pasta and fresh regional specialties of Mediterranean cuisine are cooked to perfection by Executive Chef Stefano Marzetti and his team, the restaurant also has menus for vegetables and children at its disposal.


Sa Tanca Crustaceria in Rome

Sa Tanca Crustaceria and a restaurant based on fish in fact is particularly suitable for those who want to eat fish, shellfish and raw vegetables, all with Sardinian inspiration; it is characterized by a truly special environment, at times opulent, distinguished by its gold-colored chairs, soft lighting, carpets, Flemish-style paintings, a series of elements that create a luxurious atmosphere, and a vast selection of uncooked at attractive prices (razor clams, cockles, almonds, oysters, red prawns) as well as first and second courses and the inevitable desserts. The chef of cooking and quality of raw materials to prepare dishes such as "Octopus with orange and Taggiasca olives" , the "Tagliolini with shellfish".


The Temple of Isis

The Temple of Isis is one of the best restaurants in Rome. It is located in Via Pietro Verri 11, at the crossroads of Via Labicana, in the direction of Via Merulana, a few hundred meters from the Colosseum. This fish restaurant has distinguished itself and stands out for its extraordinary quality of raw materials. At the Temple of Isis, the fish still comes alive. The Temple of Isis, Cottura 0 °, is the reference fish restaurant in Rome for lovers of fresh fish, both cooked and even "treated" raw. Iside, Cooking 0 °, is the reference fish restaurant in Rome for lovers of fresh fish, both cooked and even "treated" raw. Delicious first courses like spaghetti with sea urchin, spaghetti with sea truffle, scialatielli with Sanpietro eggs and scampi, Neapolitan fusilli with cherry tomatoes, red prawns and pecorino cheese, red pappardelle, caper flowers and pecorino cheese. The latter are never the same, except for the freshness and quality.At dessert we have excellent fruit gelato.

Il_Tempio_di_Iside Il_Tempio_di_Iside1

Rome Maestrale Restaurant

The Maestrale restaurant is another of the most frequented fish bars, the restaurant has a genuine cuisine of fresh fish. The welcome aperitif, as a gift, with sparkling Brut sparkling wine;
The digestives (Sardinian grappa, myrtle and limoncello) and the sweets of the house to wish you a good return. Courtesy and attention by the waiters, the restaurant environment is elegant, refined and exemplary.


Retro shop in Rome

The restaurant is located between Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, proposes a natural cuisine understood between territory and research. A kitchen always open, from noon to midnight, always ready to offer a new Italian cuisine. A few meters from the restaurant opens a new backroom space : a laboratory that proposes a contemporary version of homemade pasta, prepared with organic flours and eggs, totally handmade and with unique fillings.
A pasta shop that is a natural continuum of the restaurant, an open laboratory in which to buy boxes of fresh pasta from the back of the shop, along with oils, sauces, sauces, preserves, capers, truffles and dried hand-made bronze pasta with slow drying.

Retrobottega1  Retrobottega 

Angelina Restaurant in Testaccio

The Angelina restaurant in Testaccio is located in the Testaccio district of Rome near the old slaughterhouse and overlooks on one side the mountain of shards and the square of the ancient market and will offer you the best of Roman cuisine.
Large fireplaces dominate the scene in white, light and bright colors. The large space at the origin housed the sale of cattle among ancient scales, old price lists hanging on the walls, butcher benches, wooden and majolica tables. In the center of the chimney room we eat around a 1970s table recovered in an ancient convent.
A relaxed and convivial atmosphere that conveys the flavor of the trades that took place within this structure.
On the top floor there are terraces with brunch, tea, aperitifs and dinners, where everything is divided into spaces created between olive and lemon trees.

Angelina_a_Testaccio   Angelina_a_Testaccio1

Vaca Loca Restaurant

The Vaca Loca restaurant is a restaurant based on meat, Danish scottona, tasty and tender, prepared on our grill. You can choose the meat you want to eat from the counter at the entrance and our chef prepares it on the grill with olive wood and oak with the cooking you prefer. Lots of tasty dishes like: chicken skewers, sheep kebabs, sausages prepared following old recipes, morsels and skewers of fillet with lard of pata negra. The menu, besides the meat, includes: delicious appetizers, first courses with fresh pasta, express side dishes, pizzas and homemade desserts.

Vaca_Loca_restaurant Vaca_Loca_restaurant

Restaurant in Rome Testaccio

The Testaccio restaurant proposes foods all inspired by the "healthy and good", made with refined products from the Territory, with low-temperature cooking and Josper baked.
It offers traditional Roman dishes, meats and fish and a good vegetarian and vegan offer. Moreover we do a careful research of the raw material, selecting conscious producers and realities of the territory, in order to promote the short supply chain and the seasonality of the products. At the menu of the Ketumbar, Restaurant in Rome Testaccio, is accompanied by a wine list of 400 labels, ready to satisfy the most demanding palates. The oldest building in Testaccio, located under the Monte dei Cocci. The environment is cared for in the carefully dosed details, the archaeological finds contribute to creating a unique architectural style.


Ristorante il Belli

The restaurant is located a stone's throw from Piazza Cavour, the Belli Rione Prati is born: a restaurant where meat reigns and is magnificent with a selection of fine wines.Whether raw or cooked, in traditional or more refined recipes, meat is always the destination of an enogastronomic journey. Meat, in its highest expression, is obtained from the processing of the hind quarter of beef: from the loin we obtain costumes, Florentine and cut, while from the thigh we obtain first class carpaccio, tartare and beats.

il_belli_restoraunt1 il_belli_restoraunt

Il Buco restaurant in Rome

Il Buco is a Tuscan restaurant of excellent quality in the historic center of Rome. the restaurant was created with the aim of creating a window on the rich Tuscan wine culture in Rome. The cellar is a historical and precious testimony of the time. The Buco has turned into a real Tuscan restaurant with a menu full of tasty traditional dishes and has become a reference point for all lovers of Tuscan culinary tradition. The halls of the Tuscan restaurant once hosted and still host tourists, loyal customers and admirers, including many illustrious names in politics, culture and entertainment on the Italian and international scene. The Tuscan restaurant Il Buco is one of the oldest restaurants in Rome. The restaurant is located between Piazza Venezia and the Pantheon.


Ristorante the Duca di Trastevere

The restaurant offers dishes prepared exclusively with extra virgin olive oil, seasoned pecorino romano cheek of the Amatrice area. Fresh artichokes all year round. Artisanal cured meats from the Marche inland and Parma ham. "Grande Impero" Homemade Pasta Mother Bread prepared with selected national flours, over 30 hours of natural leavening. Fresh pasta is prepared every day by our chef, abbacchi and selected meats from primary Roman butchers. Desserts and biscuits are prepared exclusively by our Mariano.









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