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Updated: 2020-06-29
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La Scarletta 

La Scarletta was born in the sad of the 1800s and still today a culinary reference point in the center of Pisa and is just a few steps away from the tower of Pisa. La Scarletta has two air-conditioned rooms inside which make it an ideal place to organize events. The restaurant is specisalized in a sea cuna and raw sea food accompanied by wines from labels from different parts of the world.


Da Mario Restaurant

The ten-year restauario Restaurantrant experience is based on the careful and careful selection of products. The catch that the Mediterranean offers every day comes to our table from the well-stocked central markets of Turin and Milan, while the first fruits of the earth and the meat we use are of Valle d'Aosta origin, thus enhancing the production chain of the Valley.


Hostaria The Maritime Republics Pisa

The Hostaria The Maritime Republics for over ten years has achieved a balance between creativity, tradition and a wise choice of selected raw materials with its cuisine.The restaurant proposes a typical traditional seafood cuisine, with an eye always attentive to innovation, without distorting the first choice and very fresh products. It offers a good selection of local meats and cheeses accompanied by a very rich wine list (over 700 labels ) with a propensity towards organic, biodynamic and in any case natural and chemical-free wines.


Monte Carlo Restaurant

The Montecarlo Restaurant was founded in 1971 in the building that housed the Countess of Castiglione. The Montecarlo became the ideal venue for business lunches, family dinners and evenings with friends.
The Montecarlo is a place much loved by artists, politicians and intellectuals who find here an environment capable of combining the passion and culture of food. The vaults of the ceiling, the columns, the piano: the Montecarlo is a place suspended in time.The environment is at the same time informal but elegant, the guests welcomed in the 45 seats available have the opportunity to enjoy a menu that smells like home, without filters or unnecessary sophistication.


The salt route

The restaurant is located in the heart of downtown, ideal for the after theater or to dine until late, a place where traditional flavors are interpreted with the best local products. A great place to discover all those flavors that unite Piedmont to Liguria: oil and olives, asparagus and stuffed vegetables, anchovies and certified meats, the Langhe and the sea in the same room.


The barn

The restaurant is located in Via Palazzi 34, a real institution in Pisa. In addition to the excellent Florentine steak praised by the customers, a real flagship of the restaurant, many dishes can be enjoyed. From appetizers to first courses, Il Granaio offers excellent quality ravioli, cold cuts, cheeses and meat. Some dishes are made with Mucco Pisano, a local cattle breed bred in the area.

Il_granaio -il-granaio-pisa

The Campano

On the menu of the Il Campano restaurant, there is a note next to the item "Florentine steak": this is cooked only and exclusively to the blood. Located in the very center, in Via Cavalca 19, this ancient trattoria cooks everything on the spot: every ingredient for its dishes is carefully selected, and the meat is absolutely sublime. The restaurant was born after the war as a small gastronomy of a food under the tower of Campania. Once a destination for students, today Il Campano is one of the most renowned clubs in Pisa.

La Buca

In the beautiful atmosphere of the restaurant La Buca, you can spend unforgettable moments of pleasure, tasting traditional flavors of traditional Tuscan cuisine, with fresh local produce, ideal for those who think that eating is a pleasure and not just a need.
The restaurant La Buca in Pisa, is a fine restaurant and high-quality, offers its guests delicious dishes of meat and fish, using traditional Tuscan recipes, thanks to three decades of experience of the chef Carmine Iovine and his entire staff.
In the Buca restaurant in Pisa you can taste the real Chianina beef, a pile of Pisa and fresh seafood, all dishes of Tuscan tradition, accompanied by over two hundred labels of vintage wines Tuscany, Pisa, Chianti and National-stocked wine cellar.



Catullo has been for over 10 years and is one of the restaurants and pizzerias of reference in Turin, it contains within it and in its dishes all the Mediterranean character of the owner, by now a well-known entrepreneur in the city restaurant.
Amid red carmine walls and brightly colored Ischia ceramics, the restaurant expresses all the warmth and cheerfulness of the south, its warm colors and tasty flavors: pasta, fresco fish, grilled meats and of course ... strictly Neapolitan pizza and cooked in the huge wood-burning oven. The Catullo restaurant is one of the most romantic and evocative of Turin, closing the circle of the perfect restaurant.
Whether it's a romantic dinner in the terraced outdoor area and admiring the illuminated bridge or a cheerful dinner with friends in one of the large internal rooms.


Il Ciancino

The Ciancino in the Lucchese tradition was the snack consumed in the taverns, accompanied by good wine. From this tradition was born the inspiration to recreate a place to savor the tastes and recipes of the past. , prepared according to the canons of tradition or revisited with the addition of some touch of fantasy. Dishes of the most classic Tuscan cuisine such as sliced beef, roasted cod, tordelli, spelled, accompanied by good wine from the Lucchesi hills.

Il_ciancino  il_ciancino 


The restaurant was born in the same rooms as the restaurant that since the end of 800 has been part of the history of Turin, Goffi Del Lauro. everything has changed, from the taste of the furnishings to the culinary proposals, because living one's time and renewing is as beautiful as preserving the traditions of one's own culture. The restaurant offers five different menus, the result of research and the discovery of productive excellence of the territory.

Eragoffi Eragoffi1

At Pulcinella's house

In the modest place you can enjoy an excellent pizza, accompanied by a wide selection of craft and non-craft beers.
The pizza follows a slow natural leavening process that makes it easily digestible, soft and tasty. Moreover, even choosing to buy our takeaway products, you will bring home a lot of fragrance and quality. The ingredients used respect the great variety and excellence of the wonderful ITALY.
"A Casa di Pulcinella" beats a big heart that will give you all the best welcome.

a_casa_di_Pulcinella a_casa_di_pulcinella_1


Neccio is located south of the city of Pisa, a few kilometers from the center, is the Ristorante Pizzeria Neccio. A cordial and very welcoming environment, where a warm, quiet and relaxed atmosphere reigns. The house specialties are undoubtedly seafood dishes. Always fresh fish caught by our friends and local fishermen suppliers. The property also has an outdoor area, ideal for dinners and summer lunches. The pizza is prepared with genuine products and cooked in a wood oven. You can choose from a very wide variety of pizzas!


The montino

"Il Montino" pizzeria is famous among the Pisans for producing the best cecina in the whole city, but not only. It is worth trying the restaurant also for the excellent pizza slices and for the first ones. Small, simple and informal, from Montino the pizzas and focaccias are cooked in front of your eyes in a wood-fired oven and served immediately, even for smaller pieces. For the seasoning of the focacce, do not miss stracchino and raw sausage. The place is very crowded so it is advisable to take the pieces, take them out and eat them while walking.

il_montino il_montino_pizza

Mamma mia pizzeria

The restaurant has always been in constant search of the best products on the market to offer to its customers.
In fact we have burrata, buffalo mozzarella, stracciatella, of the highest quality.
Pizzas and focaccias, as well as the classic ones, are also offered as gourmet. The Mamma Mia pizzeria offers two internal rooms and two outdoor dehors. The restaurant has always been in constant search of the best products on the market to offer to its customers.
In fact we have burrata, buffalo mozzarella, stracciata, of the highest quality.

Mamma-Mia-Pizzeria- pizzeria_mamma_mia






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