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Updated: 2020-03-06
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Bank 32

The philosophy of the place depends on the location and function of the place. Translated, it means that Banco 32 directly refers to the Mercato (delle Erbe) in which it is inserted, in front of the fish market is an old fish counter that has become a fish bar. The dishes change often, with just the market change. The quality is there (some of the dishes are in the gallery), the service slows down a bit in times of greater crowds. Eat at the counter or at the tables. The combined cellar works, but above all the multicultural cuisine from Brittany to Spain for those behind the counter.


Osteria Bartolini

The sea arrived in Bologna at the beginning of the autumn, unexpectedly, when the travel season in Romagna was closed. The Gran Fritto of Cesenatico, the chain and the family are known for this, but it has brought much more. Don't just say fried, in fact. There is the risotto to try absolutely at Osteria Bartolini, the poor people, homegrown clams. And no rock, that in Romagna there are none and even less in Emilia.



The best dishes of traditional cuisine in a comfortable environment with staff of great cordiality and sympathy.
At sikelia you will find original recipes that renew tastes and flavors of regional cuisine: high quality raw materials processed by the best chefs to offer you a table of freshness and delight.
Come and visit us for lunch or dinner in complete tranquility with your friends, savoring unique dishes and top quality wines.

Sikelia  Sikelia

The cantuccio

The place is small and you need to book. The menu is not written. Try the appetizers (the tasting is the preferred choice, even for the raw), but also the grilled second courses.The restaurant offers many good dishes that attracts locals but also tourists.

Il_Cantuccio Il_cantuccio1

Franco's workshop

Not just fish on the menu, but the recommendation Franco's shop still holds. Here the tagliatelle with meat sauce are good but also the Baccalà in three ways ... Creamed, fried and carpaccio that appears among the appetizers. A first: risotto mazzancolle and scallops, saffron pistils and pumpkin flowers.
The restaurant is located in Via Agucchi 112, outside the center in what was once a countess's country manor house.


The Antica trattoria del reno

The Antica trattoria del reno has been renewed, although it has not given up quality and has brought the gastronomic proposal that was missing to Bologna.
tradition and innovation are the new pillars of the new BBQ.
Grilled meat, fish, vegetables ... pasta dishes and side dishes with barbecue and smoker cooking ... new sauces, the grill to direct the flames is available to the Italian Barbecue champion the result will be explosive for the palate. The menu is full of good and tasty dishes the restaurant does not renounce the tradition of our territory and therefore we have combined it with our cooking that gives each of our dish that unique and particular flavor.


La Trattoria La Tagliata

La Trattoria La Tagliata is one of the many trattorias in Bologna where people eat a lot, eat well and spend little. This, however, does not exclude that it deserves to be cited because it is one of those places that I would recommend to a tourist to ensure that he fully understands the true soul of the Emilian city. Usually, he orders tortellini in broth and they are always satisfied. The staff is warm and friendly, making you feel at home.


Gastronomic Tailoring

The Gastronomic Craft has its roots in the pleasure of the Italian table, intended as a meeting place for loved ones and family, where the dishes tell the history of the regions and cities, making food a source of culture.
As in the workshop of a real tailor, the dishes are all prepared by hand in the Sartoria Gastronomica, guaranteeing a unique experience in respect of the origins of the raw material, with the sole aim of offering a quality service that celebrates the tradition of table of the Belpaese.
Through tradition, Sartoria Gastronomica reinterprets and adapts the kitchen to a new experience that maintains and celebrates the good made in Italy gastronomy.

Sartoria_Gastronomica Sartoria_Gastronomica1

Trattoria di Via Serra

The history of Bolognina is intertwined with the transformations and the socio-political and economic events that have characterized the Felsinea city since the end of the nineteenth century. A modern trattoria, with spaces collected and arranged on various levels, of those with wooden tables with checkered tablecloths and straw paper, but with a decor halfway between the rustic and the elegant. Among the many varieties of desserts, among which one cannot fail to mention dry biscuits and traditional preparations, such as pinza and zuppa the dark Benassi Cake certainly deserves a taste. Without flour or yeast, this triangle of pure papillary lust has the taste and consistency of a dark chocolate ganache.


Osteria San Pietro

Osteria San Pietro is located at the gates of Bologna, for over a hundred years, you can taste the traditional dishes of Bolognese cuisine. In a small medieval village, on the borders of the regional park of Gessi Bolognesi and the Abbadessa gullies, there are the doors of a family-run inn that offers food prepared with ancient recipes and wines from the hills. Mythical are the tagliatelle with ragù, the ricotta tortelloni and the timeless tortellini in brodo. Crescentine with sliced meat and grilled meat complete the offer, but the desserts that are born from the secret recipes of the great-grandfather are not to be neglected.


Toto and Peppina

The restaurant stands out for its quality cuisine with products that are always fresh and of certified origin, which are prepared daily and cooked on the spot.
The cuisine is simple and genuine, all the dishes are freshly prepared and the recipes are prepared with respect for the tradition and seasonality of the products.
The pizza is prepared and cooked according to the most classic Neapolitan traditional recipes, using products such as the San Marzano tomato, Campana della Piana buffalo mozzarella, and exclusively extra virgin olive oil. Our pizza cutting boards are prepared using dough from the best flours with natural yeasts. The fish used is always fresh and is delivered daily in our kitchen by our trusted suppliers. Our menu faithfully adopts the characteristics of Mediterranean cuisine.

Toto_e_Peppino Toto_e_Peppino1

Il Casale

In its historic and original Casale with typical architecture and furnishings, relaxing atmosphere and serene care of the owners and staff, they offer delicious food and wine tastings. You can book sea food based on fresh fish and many specialties seasoned and cooked to perfection. Book over fish specialties, including cooked and seasoned shellfish and mussels both as a main course and with a wide variety of first courses with flavors that respect the ancient Mediterranean maritime traditions.


Sea lands

The pizzeria restaurant "Terre di Mare" is the ideal place for a romantic dinner, a business dinner but also simply for a nice evening with friends.
From the kitchen to the living room, up to the outdoor veranda, the location we propose is framed in a dimension of elegance, refinement and simplicity.
The welcoming structure is divided into two carefully furnished interiors, an elegant main hall and a more intimate side room, air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter, which offer the possibility to any type of clientele to spend a unique experience dedicated to good food.


Pizzeria Vesuvia

If you are a lover of good pizza, you should definitely try our pizza, one of the most popular pizzas in Bologna.
Vesuvia is also known for its takeaway pizza service, the vesuvia pizzeria in bologna and discover the traditional and original pizzas that prepare, the sandwiches, the calzoni and the salads that prepare for you with the best Italian ingredients.


Pizzeria Altero

Pizzeria Altero in the center of Bologna produces delicious pizzas with genuine top quality ingredients. Wide choice of pizzas, from traditional to more original ones. Among the specialties there is the chocolate pizza. Drinks and drinks promotions. Open every day, possibility of home delivery. It is located in Via Indipendenza, 33.





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