Updated: 2018-01-18
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Some impressions from Malta in November. We have long dreamed to flee South in this depressing time of the year, somewhere where sun would refill our supplies of vitamin D. Only now did we succeed. We were in for a surprise to see a full plane, having though that warmth-lovers only choose South when it is hot or even boiling hot. And yet there are more like us, lovers of mild climate. The journey has been great, the island (three islands) is beautiful, plenty to see. The weather varied, only adding colour to our trip. As we wished, everything has been superb. We would pick this time to travel South again and again. 

Hermis Preikštas


Hermis, freelancing travelling reporter, photography is a serious passion for him. Favours landscape and panoramic photography. Took serious interest in 2008, since then, has been participating in exhibitions, takes an active part in photographers communities. One of the most active photographers for

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