Festival in Venicia in the Veneto region
Updated: 2020-03-06
  • Carnival of Venicia
  • Carnival of Venicia
  • Carnival of Venician flight of the angel
  • Feast of the Redeemer
  • tipical food of the feast of of Our Lady of Health
  • The Feast of Our Lady of Health
  • The Feast of Our Lady of Health
  • Feast of the Redeemer
  • Feast_of_sensa
  • Feast of San_Marco
  •  Feast of Sensa_
  • Feast of San Marco
  • Vongalonga
  • Vongalonga
  • Historical_Ragata
  • Historical _Ragata
  • Historical_Ragata
  • Historical_Ragata_
  • new_year
  • palio-repubbliche-marinare-2
  • Festival_of_San_Martino

The festivals of northern Italy:Venice

Carnival of Venicia

One of the festival of Venice is the Carnival that goes from February 15th to March and in fact there are many first events before the actual feast, on February 15th the Festa delle Marie procession is practiced, a unique moment to admire the Venetian costumes for this takes several days, on February 16 there is the mestre carnival strret show moment to celebrate art and shows in the streets of the city of Venice where musicians, acrobats give life to a colorful and original animation. February 16th is also celebrated the flight of the angel that starts the party. Typical of this festival and wear masks or disguise, traditional shows of the past are held in the city but are still practiced today are performances of jugglers, acrobats, musicians and dancers. in this period of celebration you can taste the famous venziano desserts like bigne cream and taste cicchetti moments that vio veneziano.

  atsisiųsti   atsisiųsti__1_


Feast of the Redeemer

Then in Venice we find the Feast of the Redeemer and one of the most resentful festivals of the Venetians is celebrated, with the beautiful fireworks shows reflections of light color the city the domes and bell towers of the city to watch this magnificent spectacle the visitors come back on the stage of the San Marco Basin.

redentore redentore

The faest of Our Lady of Health

The feast of Our Lady of Health this claim was built after the death of the plague every year on November 21st as in the occasion of the redeemer being set up on a boat to make the pilgrimage and on this day the Venetians prepare a meat dish of mutton enriched with spices.

maddonna  maddonna1


The feast of San Marco

The feast of San Marco is April 25 and is the feast of the patron saint of the city acclaimed as the protector and symbol of the city the ceremony takes place today giving the Venetians to his wife or in love a red rose, this and one of the most festive important in Venice.

san_marco     25_aprile


The Historical Ragata

The historical Ragata is a manifestation that is practiced every year, the event is held on the Grand Canal and are decorated with flags and tapestries, tourists and the inhabitants of the same place assist the demonstration or contests from the windows of the buildings on the bridges along the banks to admire the show.

storica_ragata_1 storica_ragata2

storica_ragata  3storica_ragata

La Vongalonga

The event takes place on June 9th and is an ancient event and has been resumed with the aim of combating the swell and it is also a way to restore the Venetian traditions that seem to have disappeared with this they try to spread the attention towards the nature and the environment.

vongalonga vongalonga1

The feast of the Sensa of Venicia 

On the day of the feast of the Sensa of Venice without the water and the citizens of Venice becomes the protagonists, they go to the shores or boats to renew the wedding rite with water, after the bishop proclaims the typical phrase he throws himself an annel in the sea blessing this report the event takes place in the first days of June.

sensa_1 festa_della_sensa

New Year

The New Year in Venice and something different from the others, the event that together with the carnival reaches the maximum number of trusti. already since December 8 the city changes the shops the monuments are decorated with Christmas lights, the party is in the Piazza San Marco where tourists but also locals gather in this square to wait for the new year, besides there is a big park where different singers perform each year, and finally ends with fireworks. After midnight, if you still want to celebrate, you can go around the shops and go on board a vaporetto or gondola to admire a unique spectacle.


Up and zo for bridges

Up and zo for bridges and a non-competitive march to which everyone can participate and which takes place in all months, we have the foot race that takes place in spring on a Sunday in March or April being non-competitive, young people, families and older people.

The Palio of the Maritime Republics

The palio of the marine republics and an annual competition that takes place between the ancient maritime republics that atturno organize the event, the race takes place between boats after a procession where ancient history events take place


Festival of San Martino
the feast of San Martino is November 11th on this day of fets if you go around Venice you can catch a glimpse of groups of boys that beat the pots or lids to celebrate, anciently they celebrated this day eating chestnuts typical products of this period but with time I become a party for children.


Film show
The cinema exhibition and an event that aims to promote the diffusion and knowledge of cinema in all its forms, art and entertainment, the event held at the beach from 29 August to 8  September.

The festival of must

The must feast has as its protagonist a precious liquid, the party begins in the morning with the blessing of the decorated agricultural wagons then there is the market exhibition and then the famous Venetian rowing regatta where the crew is different from the other competitions rowing set by a man, a woman and a musical band

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