Festivals in Trentino Alto Adige
Updated: 2020-09-29
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The Carnival in Trentino

The Carnival in Trentino and one of the heartfelt feasts what makes the Carnival in the Dolomites special is the presence of allegorical figures, such as the Matazìn, the Gnaga, often characterized by simple costumes with noisy bells and sometimes only painted faces, sometimes monstrous, which depict old peasant customs in a funny and teasing way, then there are also parades of elaborate allegorical floats, dances, theatrical performances, wooden masks and old costumes parading through the streets.



Every year in the first days of January you can participate in the snowshoeing you run with snowshoes at the foot for a small path is a very special moment, both for local sportsmen and for snow lovers mix with the great sports champions Italian, in a festive competition that for one day even doubled the population of Val di Non, a way to spend the epiphany in an original way in the snow.


Enlighten me less

Among the many celebrations in the world he also finds the day of energy saving, the goal of the event and that of reducing energy consumption by turning off lights and non-essential electrical devices

Easter in Trentino Alto Adige

This event is usually celebrated in April, on this feast day the typical dessert is the very tasty Brezdel recipe, the delicious soft donut covered in sugar originating from the town of Brez, which has always been considered as typical of the Trentino Easter tradition Alto Adige. Other Easter holidays are Easter Music Festival Arcense Festival dedicated to homemade chocolate, in the different countries there will be Easter markets.


Beer festival
Of beer there is not a single typology but atantissime eogni artisan with his hand makes it particular giving life to a beer with some of his personality and his own taste. The word Cerevisia malorum divina medicina ”- means - The beer divine remedy against all the evils this hermine, coming from the Latin language, finds its meaning in the word "beer". In fact, this drink has a long history (over nine thousand years) and has accompanied entire peoples.

La Sardelata

The Sardelata takes place in the month of July where you can taste lake sardines caught by the volunteers the sarda di lagoe also known as agone, is a very abundant fish in Lake Garda. Originally it was a marine species that seems to date back thousands of years to the Po and to the Mincio entering the Garda. Later, perhaps due to a period of drought, she would no longer be able to return to the sea and would have adapted to life in fresh water. Its meats are exquisite, with a slightly less strong taste than those of the sea, among the most appreciated among those of Garda.


The night of the cellars

The night of the wineries is celebrated in June a unique opportunity to learn about the different types of wineries, taste fine wines, and talk with the best winemakers and oenologists. A rich frame program turns the Night of the Wineries into a unique and unforgettable experience. In addition to wine, there is also space for local food and crafts.


Autumn forests in Trentino in Val di Cambria

Autumn hills in Trentino in Val di Cambria is a guided tour through the colors of the forest, the eye extends from the dark green of the conifers to the yellow of the vineyards and up to the red of the leaves that are about to fall into the river, this beautiful place of colorful leaves attracts many photographers who come here to capture the beauty of the place with a snap.


Medieval festival in Pergine

The Medieval Festivals in Pergine Valsugana are born with the aim of reviving sensational moments that have marked the history of the city and of the communities close to us. They are small adventures of the past like those that we will try to revive in the center of Pergine
There will be archers with their camps ready for horseback challenges or to teach you how to shoot with a bow. There will be falconers with amazing demonstrations, real sword tournaments, ancient games, dances and music of the time. And again: the medieval joust, the description of the work in the mines of time, traveling shows, parades for ladies and commoners and many extras.


Vigil festivals in Trento

The Vigil festivities last several days dedicated to St. Virgil, the patron saint of the city, every year is celebrated with a different theme, the party begins with an appointment in the court of Penitence which was held in the square then there will be the historical procession, the palio of goose that consists of the 5 raftsmen who must pass a series of skill tests.


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