Festivals in Rome in the Lazio region
Updated: 2020-03-06
  • The_night_of_the_Pasquella_and_Velletri
  • Tarantella_of_Carnival_in__Rome
  • Spring_at_the_Radiana
  • Festival_of_Pugnloni_in_Aquapendente
  • Homemade_bread_festival
  • Tulip_flowering_festival
  • Music festival in Rome
  • The_feast_of_the_palio_of_the_Madonna_in_Cori

The night of the Pasquella and Velletri

The pasquella and the moment of celebration that greets January 5, the luan illuminates the pasquella and the farmers with the bagpipe play between the streets and the squares of the city, the houses remain with the lights closed and they listen to the small orchestra the pasquella they are formed squading of four elements: the singer, the tambourine, the accordion and the caccavella.


Tarantella of Carnevalle in Rome

Tarantella di Carnevalle in Rome is held in the auditorium of music, the concert is at the center of the event and will see the protagonists of this event artists, dancers, musicians from all over Italy, before and after the concert there will be two walls masquerade music, the feast as a means of giving life to the traditional carnival rites, the tarantella is precisely to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring.


Spring at the Radiana

With the arrival of spring in Rome, I found the exhibition of the gardening market, where several Italian and foreign exhibitors will gather, presenting different ways of making their spaces an open-air masterpiece, the exhibition exhibiting many vases and even gardening objects.


Festival of Pugnloni in Aquapendente

Festival dei Pugnloni in Aquapendente is celebrated and is repeated on the third Sunday of May the party begins with the exhibition of the historic center, in the evening the historical parade and the flag wavers at the rhythm of the drums.


Homemade bread festival

On this day of fest, bread was baked, not just any one but that of Genzano di Roma, from 15 to 16 September on the shores of Lake Nemi. the crust of bread covered with a veil of bran enclose the soft crumb with a savory flavor inside. always on this day we go to celebrate the patron saint St. Thomas of Villanova, the flower masters create works of art linked to bread.


International festival of comics

Every year in this day the stands of the Rome fair is full of people looking for their favorite superheroes, this fair offers a series of events, shows, exhibitions and moments related to fantasy
passionate people also turn up among the stan ready to take part in cosplay contests.


Tulip flowering festival

In this day of celebration we find many specimens you tulips we are talking about tulipanpark a Dutch style garden where you can relax and strolling among these expanses of tulips, paying a ticket I gather the tulips you want creating a boutque personalized by yourself.


Music Festival in Rome

The music festival returns to roam to celebrate the summer solstice by playing singing and dancing, on this day everyone will be able to make music freely in the center of the city there will be professional musicians who for eight hours in a row will enliven the city with all kinds of music.

Music festival in Rome

The feast of the palio of the Madonna in Cori

The festival of the Palio della Madonna is a religious event traditionally held every year on the second Sunday of May, it is usually celebrated by the locals for three days and starts with the procession followed by a group of faithful, on the following day there will be stands gastronomic, musical concerts and then the equestrian palio of the ring will be held.



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