Festivals in Milan in the Lombardy region
Updated: 2020-03-06
  • Carnevil_Ambrosiano festical in Milan
  • Matarille and halberds festival in Milan
  • meneghiro_tipical the traditional mask of Milan
  • Festival_of_Sant__Ambrogio festival in Milan
  • Procession_of_Re_Magi in Milan
  • The flower fair festival in Milan
  • The flower fair festival in Milan
  • New_Year_in_Milan
  • Stramilano
  • Fourteenth_century_in_Morimondo
  • The_marketing_of_Bienno
  • The_international_day_of_Zavattarello
  • The_Palio_of_the_Dovarese_island

Festival of Sant 'Ambrogio festival in Milan

The Sant'Ambrogio festival takes place on December 7 and two days before the festivities there are fairs and markets surrounding the Basilica of Sant 'Ambrogio, in these markets you can taste wines, meats and cheeses typical of the festival.


The Crnevale Ambrosiano festival in Milan

The Ambrosian carnival begins when throughout Italy and finished Carnival for this shift the historians think that it is due to the fact of the land registry or due to transitions of the calendar usually occurs in the periods of March for the carnival parade certainly does not miss the traditional mask of Milan, Meneghiro together with his wife, Meneghiro and dressed with a three-pointed hair, brown jacket, shorts and white and red socks, typical of this period are the chatter.

Carnevil_Ambrosiano meneghiro_tipical the traditional mask of Milan

Procession of the Magi festival in Milan

The procession of the Kings Madi is held on January 5th, the procession of the Three Wise Men will be followed, with more than 100 figures in disguise attending, the procession will end at the Basilica of Sant 'Eustorgio where a stage will be set up with the holy family, where the Three Wise Men will bring the gifts.


The flower fair festival in Milan

The flower fair is an event that takes place on April 14th on the Naviglio. Great person who come from all over Italy to exhibit their flower compositions, on this day the city becomes particularly colorful besides the flower stands we also find the food and wine and laboratories art.

The flower fair The flower fair

New Year in Milan

All in the square of San Silvestro there is the concert of San Silvestro, a free event organized to greet the old year and welcome the new one,you can spend New Year in different ways to go to the cinema go dancing or gusatre a nice prazzo with your family in a restaurant all accompanied by a touch of music.



Stramilano is a route that takes place in Milan that welcomes all the race fans, it is a couple of hours of running in the historic center, and is considered one of the most important and frequent running races in Italy, the race and It is divided into three departures at three different times and is a non-competitive marathon where people of all ages can participate.


Fourteenth century in Morimondo

The festival of the fourteenth century in Morimondo is the day where it will be possible to savor the wild climate of the Middle Ages, this is a historical re-enactment of the Middle Ages held in May, the festival lasts two days and it will be possible to see the reconstruction of the battle of Casorate first and Charles IV of Bohemia, there will also be horse tournaments, night battles and banquets where old recipes will be served.


The marketing of Bienno

The market of Bienno is held in the month of August, this seems to be a historic twinning and the fusion of two different traditions, in Fucina Parada the space of signs and stones was set up so visitors come into contact with the reality lived in the valley of signs and stones that have made the future capital of culture famous.


The international day of Zavattarello
In Zavatterelo is celebrated and in the month of June this festival that allows us to live for a day the ancient moments of that era, every year the castle from the Verme stages events and celebrities and on the occasion of the feast they do re-enactment of battles and Lucian banquets, on this day it will be possible to visit the castle ancient places and experience ancient games.


The Palio of the Dovarese island

The palio recalls the period of belonging of Isola Dovarese to the Gonzaga State in the second half of the fifteenth century, celebrating the coming of the Mantuan court in the form of a festival on a public square. During the day there are fixed choreography, scenic machines that animate the square, but every year the theme changes. the party lasts more than a day in fact in fact the following day there will be the entrance of the districts, the blessing of the inflators and after the procession and the challenges are given the prize, finally a series of very curious races such as the race on the trampolines and the rooster race.



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