Festivals in Florence in the Tuscan region
Updated: 2020-03-06
  • burst_of_the_wagon festival in Florence
  • burst_of_the_wagon_festival in Florence
  • easter-burst_of_the_wagon festival in Florence
  • burst_of_the_wagon_festival_in_Florence
  • Feast_of_San_Giovanni_in_Florence
  • Historical_Florentine_football
  • The_Festa_della_Rificolona
  • The_Festa_della_Rificolona_in_Florence
  • The_feast_of_Saint_Anne festival in Florence
  • Palio del Baluardo festival in Florence
  • The_Palio_of_Buti
  • Scarperia_floral_display

Burst of the wagon festival in Firenze

The explosion of the wagon and a feast celebrated on Easter Sunday The wagon is decorated, is pulled by two oxen decorated with garlands around the streets of Florence, up to Piazza del Duomo between the baptistery and the cathedral, the wagon has the form of tower 2-3 floors high, the cart is equipped with fireworks that arrived in front of the cathedral and await the beginning of the mass., while the Gloria is sung inside the church, the archbishop lights a sacred fire with a rocket in the shape of a dove that symbolizes the Holy Spirit along a thread that strikes the Chariot in the square, and so i; wagon lights up with fireworks this is the Scoppio del Carro.

burst_of_the_wagon burst_of_the_wagon_1

 easter-burst_of_the_wagon burst_of_the_wagon_festival_in_Firenze

The feast of Saint Anne

The feast of Sant’Anna is a day dedicated to the freedom desired by the Florentines of the Middle Ages, without this the economic, cultural and moral greatness of Renaissance Florence, important for contemporary Florence, would not have originated. during this feast day a procession passes through the city, the seven major arts and the 14 minor arts with the proconsul will be represented. The liberation of Florence came about thanks to the city arts that financed the construction of palaces, churches and monuments


The Festa della Rificolona

The Festa della Rificolonae is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is celebrated on September 8th on her birthday. On this day the farmers bring their products as a mile formaddio and home-made products so as to create a flea market these partisan farmers of the house before the sun rose so they had to bring paper lanterns with them called rificolona from that the feast of the rificolona, today this feast is celebrated always with these lanterns made by children and are then burned on the same day.

The_Festa_della_Rificolona The_Festa_della_Rificolona_in_Florence

Historical Florentine football

Historical Florentine football is an ancient game and is a combination of football, rugby and wrestling, different teams are formed, each team is represented by the four districts of Florence: Santa Croce in verde, San Giovanni in rosso, Santa Maria Novella in blue and Santo Spirito in white. To the winner goes a calf that will then be roasted and divided between the four teams and the inhabitants of the winning district. the day ends with fireworks.


Feast of San Giovanni in Florence

The feast of St. John is celebrated on June 24th, San Giovanni is the patron saint of Florence, the fsta is held with various kinds of events and folklore there are also fireworks dedicated to St. John. the day begins in the morning with the mass and the procession where all the citizens even the mayor brings the gifts to the cathedral, on the occasion of the party boat visits are also organized on the occasion of the patron saint is organized the night of San Giovanni that is a 10km e competitive route.


Palio del Baluardo

The Palio del Baluardo and a festival that is celebrated on May 19, is a shooting competition with the traditional crossbow, The competition is held in the seat of the Balestrieri Fiorentini, located near the historic building, this race can be attended by all people coming from Italy.

Palio del Baluardo festival in Florence

New Year in Florence

To celebrate the new year, as always, concerts and shows will be organized in the squares of Florence, but many places like restaurants will remain open to enjoy some of the local products.

Palio di Buti

This event is celebrated in Buti, the Buti Palio is a very ancient event, it is a horse race run by jockeys, on the occasion of the festival all the streets of the city come alive with parades of costumes and shows, it is celebrated in January. Buti was born from the peasant custom of blessing animals on the occasion of the celebrations dedicated to St. Antonio Abate. The celebrations included, in addition to the 'Messa dei cavallai', a convivial moment whose fulcrum was the 'Butese tripe', a typical dish in base of beef tripe, sausages, carrots, beans and tomato which was accompanied by large doses of red wine and brandy.


Scarperia floral display

The Scarperia floral display and celebrated on the last Sunday of May in Scarperia is covered with flowers for the Infiorata Festival. On the occasion of the festival, the streets of the historic center of the Mugello village are covered with floral works created by the whole population. The drawings are prepared already a few weeks in advance. The night before the party, the drawings are chalked onto the asphalt of the streets.



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