Festivals in Emilia Romagna
Updated: 2020-03-06
  • Festival_of_Misery
  • Palio_del_Niballo
  • The_Corpus_Domini_Flower_Festival
  • The_night_of_biso_in_Faenza
  • Bonfire_Festival
  • Palio_del_Daino_in_Mondaino
  • Witches__night_in_San_Giovanni_in_Marignano
  • The_Palio_of_Cesena

Festival of Misery

This festival is a way to reproduce to taste ancient dishes such as cold cuts, ciamblle polenta and soups, in practice we talk about poor dishes, the culinary dishes of antiquity, every evening in these days of celebration a different menu will be offered, the sagra was born about ten years ago, the party is usually held in the last week of August or in the first of September, the misery remains only in the name, but it is ironic, in this way the Roensi make fun of the old one enemy, and it is like a superstitious ritual to ward off the return of the straw.


The festival of the sausage and of the sauce in spoon

The feast of the salamino and the sauce in a spoon is held Madonna Boschi and recognized for its culinary food the salamina da sugo, the salamina da sugo and bagged by poor pork meat dosed in parts by natural aromas and by wine then virnr saccata in the bladder of the pig then tying it very well to the top to know if veins have come, just immerse it in water if it floats it means that the has not been successful if instead the product precipitates means that the product has succeeded well.

The Sangiovese festival

The Sangiovese festival is held in Coriano in this day of celebration the streets of the historic center are animated by the colors of the circus and the theater but also other artists such as acrobats, clowns etc., in different points, besides that there will be gastronomy points for being able to taste the traditional wines of the territory, through the streets of the historical center it is possible to admire the parade of tractors of the era.

Palio del Niballo

The palio of the Niballo are chivalric tournaments that had been in use since the Middle Ages, today on the day of the countess the banners with the color and symbol of each district live a frenetic wait the five districts propose a full program of parties, concerts and dinners based on of medieval and traditional dishes. The race is preceded by a historic procession that recalls the glories of the ancient lordship of the Manfredi family in the fifteenth century.


The Corpus Domini Flower Festival

The Corpus Domini Flower Festival in Alseno is celebrated in late June or early July at the Cistercian Abbey of Chiaravalle della Colomba.The Infiorata is a mosaic composed of flower petals and sprigs of evergreen plants, lying on the floor of the central nave of the church and surrounded by branches, branches and petals, every year the paintings of the carpet are renewed taking inspiration from the actuality of the Christian life. The intent is to give a message to the visitors participating in the event: the drawings, the flowers, the twigs are never arranged randomly but always recall a theme linked to current events.


The night of biso in Faenza

The night of biso in Faenza is celebrated on January 5, the day of the epiphany, the Niballo arrives in the square pulled by oxen and is placed in the middle of the intersection of two main Corsican roads waiting for the mezanotte and the Niballo is burned, the Niballo is a great puppet that represents Hannibal who is dressed in the color of the district he has won, all day long people drink coffee in a bowl called Faenza. It is one of the most important feasts that manages to gather thousands of people in the People's Square.


Bonfire Festival

The Rocca San Casciano bonfire is an event that heralds the exciting event of Tuscan Romagna, every year in these days many volunteers undertake to prepare the enormous haystacks, throughout the day there will be gastronomic stands to enjoy all the typical and traditional foods of the place and there will also be moments of entertainment.


Palio del Daino in Mondaino

The Palio del Daino in Mondaino is a historical re-enactment on this day and how to go back in an ancient world made up of challenges, dances etc., the party begins with a great party and a celebration between the two lords and after the shooting of the bomb and the flight of the hawk and finally the parade of the historical procession, on the following day there will be the banlestrieri and an amusing interlude the race of the geese, in the expectation of the Palio and the party finizce at midnight with the fire of the Rocca and the fireworks show.


Witches' night in San Giovanni in Marignano

On this night we celebrate the summer solstice with ancient rituals and traditions and finally the evening ends with the burning of the witch, along the streets of the village is the magic market where it is possible and to find all elements abase of herbs and products artisan, there are many traditions of San giovanni such as the purifying bonfire or the preparation of the nocino, the herbal liqueur.


The Palio of Cesena

The palio di cesena and another historical re-enactment that is held in June, the activities that are proposed are very engaging, the party begins with the performance tearale Cesena the spark of the Risorgimento and sno guided tours are planned, on this day then It is possible to watch a show full of ancient presences and customs.



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