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Updated: 2020-03-06
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Do Forni Restaurant

The history of the Do Forni restaurant leads back to the most characteristic and ancient traditions of the city. In the golden years of the Serenissima Republic, in fact, there was the bakery that produced bread and sweets for the nearby convent of San Zaccaria and a small part was used as a typical Venetian tavern. The restaurant entrusted to the care of Mr. Eligio Paties who with his passion for cooking, experienced as a culture as well as a vocation, and with his innate sense of hospitality, has managed to make it a sought-after destination for all those who come to Venice and wish to be received according to the noblest traditions of the hospitality. Restaurant Do Forni presents itself with traditional and elegant settings in its most Venetian, and luxurious part.


The Merchant

The Merchant was born with the aim of creating new experiences with the desire for travel at the center, retracing the adventures of the great merchants of History through unique and inimitable cocktails. The passion for bartending and love for hospitality are the main ingredient within each glass. The Mercante cocktails are the result of continuous research into preparations and mixing.
Attention is always focused on offering its guests genuine products, made directly from fresh fruit and vegetables, trying to avoid waste by creating a chain for reusing raw materials, in order to reduce their impact on the environment as much as possible. Il Mercante is located in one of the most beautiful and characteristic areas of Venice facing the Frari Church.




Local in Venetian means "Place where you magna and if you drink in company and in joy", Taking inspiration from the continuous change of the seasons and from the surrounding territory, Local reinvents with creativity the traditional Venetian cuisine.
Menus change frequently and capture the essence of an incredible ecosystem made of water and land. We select the best organic ingredients from small local producers, trusted growers and fishermen who love nature and its cyclicity at least as much as we do. These exceptional raw materials are then simply combined to enhance their flavor and characteristics.The concept of Local is also transported on the wine list. We select only natural and artisanal wines, and we know the wonderful people who produce them, following the cycle of the seasons and respecting nature. The wines from our cellar are pure expression of the terroir from which they come. Finally, we also worked with local artisans for interior design. Floor, tables, chairs, lamps, wine cellar ... all made by hand.


Osteria Santa Marina

The restaurant offers a great traditional Venetian cuisine
but reinterpreting its flavors and recipes with creativity, imagination and a look to the future, and combinations of flavors sometimes curious but always fascinating and respectful of raw materials are intertwined.
A refined kitchen but where the ingredient that gives the dish its name is always the protagonist. The restaurant is located near the Campo Santa Marina, in the Castello district and during the summer, you can enjoy the atmosphere offered by the dehors by dining by candlelight,in a quiet and romantic square.


Restaurant at the Tre Carnations

I Tre Garofani is a restaurant projected towards the novelties is located at the gates of Mestre a few kilometers from Venice.The restaurant has a magnificent ancient vine that embraces the facade and a welcoming country-chic atmosphere, Ai Tre Garofani is a real treat outside the common itineraries. Born from a former "bacaro" in the Municipality of Asseggiano, this restaurant is renowned for a passionate family management that made it an unmissable address for fish lovers. Imaginative menus are created by revisiting tradition with creativity. The interior furnishings were created by the owners themselves, choosing objects and fabrics capable of giving each room a distinctive personality, mixing shabby furniture with rustic fabrics.


Restaurant at the Crowns

At the Restaurant "Alle Corone" you will find the authentic flavors of the most genuine products, elaborated according to the precious recipes and the pleasure of tasting the best raw materials selected in the territory, along a path of gastronomic excellences that, in respect of seasonal availability. the fresh pasta and desserts we offer are born in our kitchen. With his creativity, the Chef offers typical specialties of Venetian cuisine, with an emphasis on seasonally available ingredients, accompanied by a rich selection of local and international wines.


Alle-Corone-1- Alle-Corone-3

Ristorante Reel del Taru

The restaurant proposes The quality and freshness of the fish is fundamental for the creation of our dishes, supplying us daily with the catch coming above all from the Adriatic and particularly on the markets, their specialty is the raw fish presented magnificently with “the Alzata imperial "or the selection of crustaceans, carpaccio or tartare.You can also find the smoked salmon from the Chef with oak wood of the whiskey barrels, hot boiled appetizers, the first that can vary depending on the catch. It also offers a wine list that has been designed to meet the needs of the client. About 150 labels are kept in the "Cantinello".


Impronta cafe restaurant

The restaurant reflects a modern Venetian identity, in which businessmen, university students, tourists and Venetians create an intimate and convivial atmosphere. Impronta is a Restaurant, Bistrot and Wine Bar that turns 13 years old. The kitchen here has its own remarkable number with beautiful, good, intelligent dishes (perhaps accompanied by a proper glass) and a correct quality-price ratio, not by chance its tables are always crowded. For breakfast you can enjoy it in a refined and modern environment, and it serves freshly baked crossant and much more, for lunch instead it proposes a menu with a Mediterranean perfume rigorously freshly prepared, with selected products, which varies daily. fresh salads and meat and fish dishes, accompanied by our extensive snack shop proposal, for dinner it offers traditional dishes revisited in a contemporary key. Great attention is paid to the choice of raw materials, from strictly seasonal vegetables, to first choice meat, to fish and to fresh handmade pasta.

 Impronta_1 Impronta

Ristorante Pizzeria Antico Gatoleto

This pizzeria in Cannareggio, a great place if you are looking for good pizza in Venice, is a few steps away from the Rialto bridge. There are various types of pizza including Maialata, pizza with tomato, mozzarella, wurstel, salamino, sausage and bacon, or Casanova, with tomato, mozzarella, radicchio, sausage and porcini mushrooms.


Spaghetteria and pizzeria in Venice Castello

The restaurant is located in la Tole di Castello, a place much loved by Venetians who come every day to enjoy traditional and gourmet pizzas, we recommend trying the Fenice, a fabulous pizza made with tomato, mozzarella, scamorza, cherry tomatoes and prosciutto the Mediterranea, based on fish and seasoned with tomato, mozzarella, mussels, shrimp and clams.


Restaurant Pizzeria Rio Novo

The restaurant has a great view in Venice Santa Croce, the tables of a veranda over the water, and of course its excellent pizzas, make the Restaurant Pizzeria Rio Novo one of the favorite destinations for students and commuters. Among the many pizzas you can try, we recommend two in particular: the Pescatora and the Parmigiana. Ah, one last thing: this is one of those pizzerias that are perfect for the summer.


Restaurant Pizzeria Al Redentor

The riatorante offers pizzas ranging from the classic Venetian style with tomato, mozzarella, basil and fresh tomatoes, to the Do mori, made with tomato, mozzarella, spicy salami, artichokes, wurstel, mushrooms, egg, ham and peppers.


Restaurant at the Vecio Pozzo

The restaurant is located Restaurant Al Vecio Pozzo in Santa Croce and is frequented by many Venetians. Restaurant Al Vecio Pozzo
You really eat excellently: the fillet and the sliced beef are excellent, in generous portions, the house wine and the final sweet are also good.


The Fogher in Caorle

The Fogher in Caorle is a restaurant that offers typical dishes and tasty seafood cuisine. From the most traditional fish recipes, to the most sophisticated dishes up to the crudités. . Inside the restaurant there is a warm, welcoming atmosphere, suitable for a quiet and intimate dinner, thanks to its terrace with excellent views it is suitable for banquets and lunches for groups.

Il_Fogher_a_Caorle Il_Fogher_a_Caorle1

Antica Carbonara

The ancient carbonara is a typical restaurant of Venice, welcomes its customers in an elegant environment full of details and good food. The restaurant's cuisine is the exaltation of traditional Venetian dishes: oyster crudite, lagoon Schie with white polenta, Granceola in its shell, homemade spaghetti with black cuttlefish, Maccheroncini with busara scampi, grilled scampi, mixed Adriatic fry. Obviously the fish menu also includes excellent meat dishes such as the fillet of Bue.Interessante and also the wine list which has wine labels from all over the world.





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