Demanova caves in Low Tatras
Created: 2017-11-29
  • Demanovo Cave in Slovakia, Low Tatras

    Demanovo Cave in Slovakia, Low Tatras

  • Demanovo Cave in Slovakia

    Demanovo Cave in Slovakia

  • Organs In Demanova cave

    Organs In Demanova cave

  • Demanovo cave Slovakia

    Demanovo cave Slovakia

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  • Corals in Demanovo cave

    Corals in Demanovo cave

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  • lake_in_Demanovo_cave


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  • river in Demanovo cave, Slovakia

    river in Demanovo cave, Slovakia

  • stalactites_in_Demanovo_cave


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It is worth to see the most beautiful in the whole Europe stalactite-stalagmite Demanova caves in the Low Tatras, Demanova valley.  There are made the paths in the caves, which lead to few tens of caves, river,  and even underground lakes. Stalactites survived perfectly, there are various forms and colors. Professionally set lighting shows the variety of forms, which may compose in the cave.  

Organs In Demanova cave

Organs In Demanova cave

Stalactite - it is a formation hanging from cave's top, that composes of dropping water, permeating through carbonaceous solids, taking carbonates and leaves a slight calcite layer in the open air.   That is how layer after layer grow stalactites. Stalagmites compose analogously, but they develop on the bottom, growing to the top. The color of formation depends on additions, e.g. FE additions give the red color.

 river in Demanovo cave, Slovakia

River in Demanova Cave

Visiting the caves even in summer, it is worth to take a pullover and trousers, because it is cold in them.


It is possible to visit Demanova ice cave, but impression will not be so huge.


Demänovská ľadová jaskyňa, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakija
Telphone  +421 44/554 81 70
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