Explore Budapest by foot, the best walking tour in Old Town

It is hardly possible to explore Budapest in only four hours, but if you are travelling pass this city you should put in at least some time to it.

TOP 10 Places to Visit at Budapest

What to see in Budapest, the top 10 things to do in Budapest


Interesting places to visit, sightseeing ideas

Demanova caves in Low Tatras

It is worth to see the most beautiful in the whole Europe stalactite-stalagmite Demanova caves in the Low Tatras, Demanova valley.

Downhill skiing in Slovakia, in the High Tatras

No doubt that for those, who love extreme and active leisure, Slovakia is a perfect country for holidays

Top Place in Belgrad - Kalemegdan

One of the most beautifull places in Belgrad is Belgrad fortress ( Kalemegdan)


What to see when visiting the first time. Famous places

Sightseeing Vilnius, the Capital of Lithuania

 Take a tour around the capital of Lithuania and learn about Lithuanian history. Top 10 monuments in Vilnius, map of best places, beer tour map, things to do in Vilnius map

What to do in London

Top attractions in London, how to arrive, where to stay, most interesting places in London

What to do in Rome

Sightseeing 2-day tour in Rome, Trip to Rome, tours in Rome, best places in Rome, walking excursions in Rome, transport, restaurants and hotels in Rome, photos and maps


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